Conntecting the Dots

Impossible Prayers

For what impossibility are you trusting God? Personally, I’m praying that He’ll supply more men than women volunteers for our summer ministry needs in Eastern Europe. Here’s why:

Unbelieving men need to see that Christianity isn’t just a woman-thing. If we take teams comprised mostly of women, the impression given is that practical Christianity isn’t applicable to the male gender. They feel that real men don’t need Jesus – He’s merely a crutch for the weaker sex. That’s so not true, but it’s understandably their perception.

We need godly men to build relationships with male unbelievers and to show how life works better when submitted to Jesus Christ rather than enslaved by vodka. Plus, when a husband participates with his wife on a missions trip, the marriage becomes a living testimony to the fact that having God in the center of their relationship can make a union strong and sweet. This is a foreign concept in some cultures, and a living example of a Christ-centered marriage speaks volumes.

The calendar countdown is on. It’s mid-April, and we have only a few weeks left before teams must be fully organized and participants receive their training. When I look at our numbers, I feel like I’m praying an impossible prayer.

I wonder if that’s how Joshua felt when he asked God to extend the day so he could complete the battle (Joshua 10:12-14). Think about it. What’s the likelihood of the sun and moon slamming on their orbital brakes? Zero. Nevertheless, the impossible happened.

Joshua was doing what God had told him to do – eliminate the enemy. And so, he asked God to do what was necessary to help him complete the task. There’s no record of his summoning astronomers to calculate statistics and variables before stating his request. There’s no mention of his weighing the odds. There’s only a simple and straightforward prayer: “Let the sun stand still over Gibeon, and the moon over the valley of Aijalon.” And God answered his request (v. 13).

As I consider my prayer, I ask myself a couple of questions:

  • What is my motive for asking this?
  • On what basis am I asking this?

My motive is simple. I want unbelieving Eastern European men to know Christ as Savior and for them to become spiritual leaders for their families. Entire nations would be revolutionized if this became reality.

The basis on which I’m asking this is also simple – God loves people and wants relationship with them. If building relationships is one of the most effective ways to share His love with those who have never heard the Gospel, then we need men to build those relationships with men.

Is this an impossible prayer? By human standards – yes. But if God can make the sun and moon stand still to accomplish His purposes, then He can change the hearts of North American men and give them a desire to get involved this summer. “God, I believe….help Thou mine unbelief…”

How about you? For what impossibility are you trusting God?

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