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God Bends Down

Hi friends! I spent the weekend in Winnipeg, speaking at a women’s retreat for The Meeting Place.

Manitoba sunset

Had a fantastic time with 80 precious women! Spent Monday morning doing two interviews with Willard Thiessen for “It’s a New Day” 

Grace and Willard Thiessen

 and the afternoon training a lady who plans to minister in the Ukraine with IM this summer. Returned on Tuesday afternoon. Home sweet home. And now, back to my blog…

The Scriptures contain some amazing visuals about God and His character. Take Psalm 116:1-2, for instance. These verses say, “I love the LORD because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath.”

Picture this! You and I are mere specks among the billions populating the earth and yet God knows us intimately. When we cry out to Him, He recognizes our voices amidst the din. His infinite love for us causes Him to respond by bending down and listening to us.

I liken this to an attentive, loving parent. He/she might be in the middle of performing an important task when his toddler suddenly cries out. The parent drops what he’s doing and rushes to the child’s rescue. When he reaches the toddler, he kneels or bends down to get closer and to hear the youngster’s words.

Thinking about God, my heavenly Father, bending down to listen to my concerns brings me huge encouragement. That visual reminds me that He cherishes me and values relationship with me. It also reminds me that He’s never too busy or too far removed to hear my heart’s cry.

This insight is timely for me. Right now I’m feeling a wee bit stressed wondering how I’ll accomplish several major tasks before heading overseas on July 1. The thought of God bending down to listen to my concerns and prayers for help replaces my stress with a sense of inner calm.

What does it do for you?

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