Conntecting the Dots

Who’s in Control, Anyway?

A recurring theme has brought me huge encouragement over the past couple of weeks. It’s all about God’s sovereignty in the lives of His kids. I’ve been pondering this truth…meditating on it…mulling over it. The result? I think I’m beginning to understand what it means to be still, to cease striving, and to know that He is God. And with that understanding comes rest, peace, and confidence.

Peter recognized this truth at work in his life, too. It happened after King Herod Agrippa had arrested and imprisoned him. The night before he was to be placed on trial, an angel rescued him from his cell. At first Peter thought the angel was a vision and his escape was only a dream. But Acts 12:11 says, “Peter finally came to his senses. ‘It’s really true!’ he said. ‘The Lord has sent his angel and saved me from Herod and from what the Jewish leaders had planned to do to me!’”

In Peter’s aha moment, he acknowledged that God was in control of his life. The Jewish leaders had planned to do him harm, but God had plans of a different kind and He had the resources to fulfill them. Guess who won?

When we’re walking in right relationship with the living God, we can rest assured that everything’s under control – His control. Psalm 138:8 says, “The LORD will work out his plans for my life – for your faithful love, O LORD, endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for you made me.”

This theme of God’s ultimate sovereignty is especially meaningful to me today. I’ve written a study guide for Moving From Fear to Freedom and am awaiting a decision about a grant application that would provide the funds to publish it and produce a corresponding 7-part teaching DVD. Today, this potential product is being presented at the U.S. headquarters of an international women’s ministry. If it’s accepted there, then the grant will likely be approved and the book and DVD can be produced as an evangelism tool for women’s groups.

I’m excited at the prospect. I’ve seen many details come together to bring this concept to this point. But I’m also aware of the what-ifs – What if the U.S. staff say no? What if the grant isn’t approved? I’ve worked on this project for weeks, I’ve booked a venue and a videographer for the live teaching sessions that will take place this fall, I’ve figured out a budget and filled out a grant application, and the list goes on. My challenge now lies in trusting God’s sovereignty. Do I really believe that the Lord will work out His plans for my life as He promises?

I’m pondering this truth, meditating on it, mulling over it…and I’m experiencing rest, peace and confidence (most of the time!). Would you pray with me for God to accomplish His purposes in this situation?

What situation in your life calls you to trust God’s control?

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