Conntecting the Dots

On to Slovakia

Our team traveled to Budapest where we spent the night and then went separate ways the next morning. Gene and I caught a shuttle van to Kosice, Slovakia with one of our team members who will now minister there in an evangelistic family camp with five other Canadian volunteers. She was transporting her personal luggage plus three suitcases loaded with camp supplies, so there was no way we were going to put her on a train to deal with that stuff on her own. Thankfully the van was air-conditioned; it’s hot as blazes and muggy here. Sweat trickles down our necks and backs, and our pants stick to our legs if we sit anywhere too long.

We stayed two nights in a little house down the street from our IM Canada career staff, Brad and Karla Thiessen. I was able to wash our clothes in a washing machine – yahoo! What a treat to do it this way as opposed to in a bathroom sink or on the floor of a hotel shower. I hung the laundry on a makeshift line and it dried in less than an hour, denims included.

I was glad to have several hours to review my manuscript for the study guide that will accompany Moving From Fear to Freedom. The editor has done her job on it and sent some suggested revisions. She also asked me to check several references – that’s a bit tricky to do because I didn’t bring the Bible from which I quoted. Hmmm…I’ll need to find a fix for that so the production process can continue while I’m away.

We had a delightful surprise here. Our IM Canada short-termers were invited to a “garden party” hosted by a woman named Irena and her husband. Irena was my translator when we brought a team to a Slovakian evangelistic family camp in 2008. She and I really hit it off then and have been friends every since. We didn’t know about the party until we arrived here, and she didn’t know that Gene and I were in Kosice until she opened her door and saw us standing on her doorstep. What fun to see the look on her face and to exchange kisses on each other’s cheeks! We even had a few moments to share from our hearts and to pray for concerns. “Thank You, God, for the gift of girlfriends worldwide who share my love for You.”

It was also a delight to meet our IM Canadian short-termers within hours of their arrival here. They didn’t know we’d be here so it was fun to surprise them and have dinner together. I felt sorry for them – they were heavy into jet lag. One of our women sprained her ankle in the afternoon so Irena set her on a futon with her foot elevated and then found ice chips to place on the swelling. Poor thing! She’s wondering what lesson God plans to teach her through this unfortunate accident. She needs our prayers, as does everyone on the team as they head to the camp venue and prepare for a week of sharing God’s love with campers of all ages.

IM short-termers and interns at Irena’s garden party

My friend Irena (right)

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