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Purposes for our Pain

What a weekend! Hubby and I traveled to Vancouver Island last Thursday to move our youngest back home. We arrived back here late on Saturday evening and unpacked until we dropped from fatigue. On Sunday, we woke up and did it all over again, only this time we moved our son and his family to their new home about 20 miles down the highway. My bed never felt as good as it did that night.

This morning I babysat the grandkids so our son and his wife could run some errands, and this afternoon I’ve been plowing through my emails and doing a paper shuffle at my desk. Frankly, it feels really good to sit. A friend recently recommended a site that features gentle worship music so I’m enjoying it as I write this. You might like it, too.

On Friday’s entry, I mentioned that life’s hard places often yield the richest lessons. Today I received a copy of Zondervan’s latest gift book, A Friend in the Storm by Cheryl Ricker. Filled with Scriptures, relevant quotes and poetry, it encourages readers in the midst of painful circumstances. Its insights lead them to an eternal perspective on pain and reminds them of Christ’s undying love for them.

I was especially blessed by reading Psalm 46:10 – “Be still, and know that I am God.” Being quiet and trusting God’s plan and purposes is often difficult at the best of times, let alone when feeling overwhelmed by difficulties. But this Scripture reminds me that God is absolutely trustworthy. Nothing that happens to me (or you) takes Him by surprise because He reigns supreme.

Cheryl’s poetry also reminds me that Christ simply asks me to trust Him with my pain, no matter how large it may be. Here’s an example, entitled, “You?”

 Will you love me back and hold Me?

Will you trust Me with your pain?

As the One who lifts the lowly,

Will you let Me be your rain?

As you ask Me worthy questions,

Do you hunger for My way?

As your true and healing Answer,

Will I have your final say?

Thank you, Cheryl, for challenging me and many other readers to trust God in the midst of our pain and to allow Him to have the final say. That response isn’t natural, but it’s necessary if we’re to navigate the hard places and learn those rich lessons buried there. Thank you for taking the time and spending the energy to write this book. May its words convey hope and peace to multitudes who are struggling to make sense of life’s hard places today.

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  1. Cheryl

    Thank you, Grace!

    I’m glad “A Friend in the Storm” blessed you! With pain all around us, there’s nothing the Enemy would want more than to pull our eyes off Christ. He is our Comforter and our solution. As we grow to further trust Him with our pain, we experience His lasting peace. I pray that everybody who reads this today is both quieted and strengthened in the knowledge of His trustworthy love! It’s for you!


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