Conntecting the Dots

Cancel Pity Parties

Hi everyone! If you’ve ever considered throwing a pity party, think again. Here’s an article I wrote about that topic. It appeared on last week. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “Cancel Pity Parties”

  1. Millie Scheuerman

    the link to the article has http twice, so the link does not open until one “http” is deleted

  2. Pam Franklin

    Thanks, Grace, I think I needed to hear this right now. Perhaps I’ve become a little demanding of God that things should be the way I want and I need to refocus on Him and His Word with thankfulness for all I do have as His will, His timing, His way is best. Sometimes the last place I want to be is with people who need me when I’m having a pity party. I feel that I would be useless with the current attitude – time to jump out of the pity pool and shower off with God’s grace and get going!

    • Grace

      Hi Pam:

      Pity parties really aren’t a lot of fun because we’re usually the only ones in attendance. Everyone else clears out! Do you subscribe to my monthly online newsletter, “Growing With Grace”? It went out on Friday and spoke about the importance of thanksgiving. Hey — tell me three things for which you’re thankful and I’ll compile a list to be posted on my blog on Thanksgiving Day. It would be fun to post a “Shout-Out” to God for His goodness to us. That’s a sure cure for the pity party blues 🙂



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