Conntecting the Dots

All You Need is Love

Remember the one-time popular song lyrics? “All you need is love…all you need is love…”

I agree, although not with the type of love the singers were singin’ about.

All we need is God’s love, and He lavishes it upon us. How so? Here are a few examples:

  • He greets us with the rising sun every morning.
  • He soothes our fears by promising us His constant presence.
  • He provides for our material needs.
  • He sends heavenly hugs through a song or a friend’s email or phone call.
  • He surrounds us with the beauty of creation.
  • He gives us the gift of sleep to restore our bodies.
  • He gives us talents and gifts to develop, use, and enjoy.
  • He disciplines us when we behave like rebellious know-it-alls.

That list is by no means exhaustive; it’s just a teaser that shows some tangible ways in which God shows His love to those who love Him. He communicates His affection in other ways, too.

For instance, He speaks to us through His Word with affirmations such as, “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself” (Jeremiah 31:3). How sweet is that? But wait! There’s more…

Most of all, God loves us by giving us the free gift of eternal life. Thank goodness He doesn’t dole it out only to those with pristine behavior or sin-free status. If that was true, I’m afraid I’d be outta luck, along with the rest of the world’s population.

How should the knowledge of God’s great love for us impact our lives? Personally, it gives me the ability to rest in His purpose for my life and in His ability to orchestrate the details to accomplish that purpose. Circumstances don’t always turn out the way I think they should, but I don’t need to fret of fear because I’m in His care. He knows what’s best for me and how to bring it to pass. Besides, is He not powerful enough to accomplish whatever He wants to do?

All we need is love, folks. God’s love. It’s the best antidote for all that ails us. Wanna join me in humming a little tune? “All you need is love…ba ba ba ba ba…all you need is love…”

Tell me, how has God shown His love for you? How does the knowledge of His love impact your life?

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