Conntecting the Dots

Ultimate Trust

Back in the early 80s, I volunteered at a summer camp on Canada’s west coast. The program director was big on developing team camaraderie among staff. She’d selected several activities to accomplish her goal.

One activity involved staff lining up and facing each other while holding a huge blanket between them. Volunteers climbed a ladder at the end of the lineup, closed their eyes, and dropped backwards onto the blanket one by one. Most of them felt nervous about taking the fall because doing so required them to trust their friends’ strength and ability to hold the blanket. Thankfully their friends proved reliable.

That activity illustrates a basic but all-important spiritual truth. 1 Peter 4:19 says, “Trust your lives to the God who created you, for He will never fail you.” Easier said than done, right? Especially when life takes a detour onto the road marked suffering. Or He asks us to wait. Or He asks us to forgive the person who’s deeply hurt us. Nevertheless, the unconditional command is given: “Trust your lives to the God who created you.”

Frankly, I find trusting my life to God scary sometimes. In a warped way, I believe I can orchestrate the details more successfully than He can. How skewed is that? Think about it—God created me. Who’s more trustworthy to accomplish His eternal purposes than the One who knit me together in my mother’s womb and ordained every moment of my life before I was even conceived?

Time and time again, He reminds me to yield control and trust Him. To close my eyes, let go, and fall into His arms believing He’ll catch me. And then He gives me a promise: “I will never fail you.” That doesn’t mean life will turn out the way I dream or plan. But it does mean that no matter what happens, His presence will always be with me and His purposes will always be accomplished.

What visual helps you understand the concept of ultimate trust in God?

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