Conntecting the Dots

An Invitation You Don’t Want to Refuse

Think of someone you regard in high esteem. Someone you admire, perhaps from a distance. Maybe you’ve never met this person but you know of her through media or by word-of-mouth. Now suppose she phones or emails you one day. “I’ve heard about you,” she says. “I’d love to get to know you. Can we meet for a chat?”

How will you respond? The answer’s a no-brainer. Your schedule might be booked, but you’ll gladly rearrange to spend time with this person. You know that making the effort will enrich your life, and you wouldn’t miss this opportunity for anything.

Guess what? Such an invitation has come, and it’s from someone far better than a mere mortal. It comes from the God of the universe! He invites us to be friends with Him, as seen in Psalm 27:8 which says, “My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me.’

Imagine receiving an invite from God to spend time with Him. To chat with Him as a friend. To confide our secrets, our dreams, our desires. To express our joys and tell Him our woes.

How do we respond to God’s invitation? Hopefully we won’t say, “Sorry, I’m too busy. Now’s not a convenient time.” Hopefully we reply as the Psalmist did: “My heart responds, ‘LORD, I am coming.’”

I’ve responded to God’s invitation by rising early to spend time with Him every morning. I wouldn’t miss it for anything. It sets the tone for my entire day and fills me up so I can pour out.

I find the morning works best for me, before I start my day’s work. But that wasn’t always the case. When my kids were young, I was lucky to sneak in a few minutes of quiet time with Jesus during their nap times. As our life seasons change, so might our daily dates with Jesus change, too.

How about you? If you’ve accepted God’s invitation to spend time with Him, what does that look like for you?


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