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The Fear of Failure

A friend recently gave me a greeting card that read, “Attempt something large enough that failure is guaranteed unless God steps in.” I smiled when I read it because it describes the way I’ve chosen to live: I want to attempt God-directed assignments that are ‘way beyond my own capabilities, for in doing so, my faith is forced to grow. Trouble is, every such assignment also forces me to look the fear of failure in the face.


In 2010, the DVD and study guide resource to accompany Moving from Fear to Freedom was my “something” that guaranteed failure unless God stepped in. Some days I felt like I’d stepped off a cliff.  I knew beyond a doubt that God had orchestrated every detail, but still, the fear of failure loomed large. Time after time, I had to intentionally choose to continue moving forward albeit on my knees, focusing on God’s character with every step.

In 2011, it appears that God has given me another “something” that guarantees failure unless He steps in. This one takes me into the corporate world. When God first began dropping clues about this assignment in late 2009, I said yes and began learning the necessary skills. Step by step, I followed where I sensed Him directing me. Now the path is becoming more defined. If I’m correctly interpreting His guidance, then I must begin making concrete commitments such as booking a facility, hiring a graphic artist, networking with business women, and more. The fear of failure glares at me and asks, “What if your so-called project flops? What if no one registers? What if you invest money and see no return? Worse yet, you take a financial nosedive?”

I hear the voice of fear and must intentionally choose to disregard it. I must continue moving forward on my knees, once again focusing on God’s character with every step. I find encouragement in Jesus’ words to the disciples: “Don’t be afraid. Take courage! I am here!” (Mark 6:50). God’s presence is my only hope. If He’s going before me, as I truly believe He is, then all will be well even if things aren’t stamped a success by the world’s standards.

How about you? What are your thoughts about attempting something large enough that failure is guaranteed unless God steps in? What promise gives you courage to move forward?

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2 Responses to “The Fear of Failure”

  1. Katie L.

    Thanks so much for sharing this today Grace, it was exactly what I needed. My husband and I are definitely in the middle of one of those endeavors where we can’t possibly succeed without God’s help. Today was one of those days that clearly illustrated that fact. By the end of the morning things were going so badly I was almost ready to give up. Then when I put my kids down for their nap, I sat in their room and prayed with them, and kept on praying until they fell asleep, then I went back downstairs to help my husband. The afternoon, though still a struggle, went much better. We are definitely living in a battle zone right now, but I just keep on reminding myself that the battle belongs to the Lord.

    • Grace

      Amen, Katie. Hang in there. You’re not alone in the village. He’s with you and He will be your strength.


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