Conntecting the Dots

Tackle the Impossible

When we, as believers, sense God telling us to do something that seems impossible, what question should we ask in response?

(a)   Do we have the funds?

(b)  Do we have the know-how?

(c)   Do we have the manpower?

(d)  All of the above.

(e)   None of the above.

The correct answer is…..(e) None of the above! The only question we should ask is, “Is this God speaking?” If the answer is yes, then we can rest assured He has options (a), (b), and (c) under control. It’s our responsibility to obey even if the situation seems impossible and to trust Him to care for the details.

Too bad the Israeli spies thought otherwise. God commanded them to explore and later conquer Canaan, the land He’d promised to the Israelites (Numbers 13:2). The men explored, but they refused to conquer. Why? Because they focused not on God’s presence and promised victory but on the circumstances that seemed impossible.

The Canaanites’ size and their fortified cities, especially, frightened the Israelites. “We can’t go up against them,” they said. “They are stronger than we are! The land we traveled through and explored will devour anyone who goes to live there. All the people we saw were huge.” They ranted on and on, spreading their fear throughout the masses. No doubt they would have failed the multiple choice test.

God wanted the Israelites to tackle the impossible. So what if the Canaanites looked like giants? So what if their cities were fortified? Was God not bigger? Had He not promised to give the land to His people? Then the only question the spies should have asked was, “Is this God speaking?” If they’d obeyed and done what God had commanded, they would have saved themselves a few decades of wilderness wanderings.

Question: Has God asked you to do something that seems impossible? If so, what questions are you asking? Granted, Scripture tells us to be wise and not start building a house lest we’re unable to complete it, but it also tells us to walk by faith because without faith, we cannot please God. If God has asked you to tackle the impossible, then say yes. After that’s settled, ask Him to show you how He plans to accomplish His purposes. I’ll tell you a personal story in that regard on Friday.

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