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Living in a Whirlwind

The past three weeks have looked like a whirlwind to me. First, we spent two weeks in Slovakia and Holland. Upon our return to Canada, we were home only 36 hours before I flew to California to attend the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference (fantastic!). I returned home on Wednesday  to find that my daughter-in-law has been very ill for several days. Yesterday I babysat the grandkids so she could rest and our son could go to work. More of the same today. All that said, my blog posts have been non-existent this week. I plan to be back on Monday, however. In the meantime, have a great weekend. Looks like the sun has decided to appear here today, so this Grandma might take the grandbabies to the park this afternoon.

Enjoy Easter! May your hearts be blessed as you ponder on its meaning.

2 Responses to “Living in a Whirlwind”

  1. Ellen Staley

    Hi Grace,
    I loved getting to know you during Mt. Hermon. Your life is amazing and truly, a whirlwind. Sounds like you arrived home energetic. I am waiting for my energy level to re-emerge. I fell into the valley following the mountain top experience, though I am on the way back up the rutted side now. I look forward to following your God led adventures this year and will keep you in prayer.
    May God strengthen you for each purpose to which He has called you. Have a wonderful Resurrection Day.
    In His name,

    • Grace

      Hi Ellen:

      I enjoyed getting to know you at Mt. Hermon, too! My energy is finally back and I’m looking forward to integrating the things I learned at the conference. All the best to you, too, as you move forward with your work. Hugs, Grace


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