Conntecting the Dots

The Best Way to Begin and End Each Day

Three decades ago, I realized the importance of dwelling on positive thoughts specifically when I wake and when I fall asleep.

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The lesson came after my fiancé broke our engagement. In the first days and weeks following the breakup, I’d fall asleep focused on my pain and feelings of rejection. I’d wake dreading the day, knowing I’d spend it wrestling with disappointment and self-pity. The result? I spiraled into a bin of negative emotions and began believing the enemy’s lies about my being unloved and worthless.

I knew that the content of my thoughts could determine whether or not I could survive the breakup and successfully move on with my life. And so, I took action. I began meditating on Scripture as I fell asleep at night, and in the mornings, before I rolled from bed, I prayed a simple prayer: “This is the day that You have made, Lord. Teach me to rejoice and be glad in it.”

These simple actions made a huge difference for me. The pain eased, replaced with hope and anticipation about my future in God’s hands. They also established a pattern that I’ve tried to maintain ever since.

Beginning and ending our day with thoughts focused on God follows a gentle reminder found in Psalm 92:2—“It is good to proclaim your unfailing love in the morning, your faithfulness in the evening.”

God knows best. He understands how important our thought life is, and because He loves us, He gives us the key to managing it successfully. Let’s do what He says. Let’s embrace His counsel to remember His love and faithfulness when the day begins and ends. Doing so takes effort, but it’s crucial to overcoming fear, stress, and disappointment.

Have you practiced this discipline? If so, what difference has it made in your life?

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  1. Ellen Staley

    The bookend approach, end and begin the day focused on He who made us, is so important to me now. Though I’ve been a believer for years, my bookend was always incomplete. I’d either have a strong morning with the Lord, or an evening, but not both.

    Life changes. And so has my routine.

    Now the bookends are in place and I look forward to my time with Him in His word and His directions for me in the morning. This routine enabled me through the loss of my husband, kept me praising Him and trusting Him throughout the emotional rollercoaster of life without my spouse. I trusted His decisions concerning my new role and watched as He provided for me.

    I hesitate to even think of what my life could have been without His active role in it. Abba Father’s love for me is beyond my comprehension. My one desire is to learn to love Him more fully and the only way to do that is through constant communion with Him. I am closer to my Abba than I have ever been, yet still not as close as I desire to be.

    • Grace

      I love the “bookend” description, Ellen! Thanks for sharing from your heart.


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