Conntecting the Dots

A Taste of Honey

What do you do to stay refreshed in the midst of a busy and sometimes downright difficult life?

King Saul’s son, Jonathan, found refreshment when he dipped a stick into a piece of honeycomb and ate the honey (1 Samuel 14:24-27). He’d spent the day fighting the Philistine army, battling to the bitter end. He and the other soldiers were “pressed to exhaustion that” partly due to fighting, but also because Saul had foolishly told them they couldn’t eat until they’d fully revenged the enemy.

Jonathan hadn’t heard Saul’s command. When he found the honeycomb on the forest floor, he took a little bite. The result? “After he had eaten it, he felt refreshed.”

My life’s busy. Here’s what today’s schedule looks like:

8 AM – grocery shop to buy food for the people who will attend our missionary training event this weekend

9 AM – price-check items that must be bought and delivered to teens in Romania this summer

10:30 – collect training materials

11:30 – lunch with my daughter  (belated Mother’s Day treat),

1 PM – Costco trip to buy remaining food for the weekend

4 PM – meet out-of-town friends for coffee

6-9 PM – weekend training kicks off

And so my day goes. I’ll bet your day is busy, too. It won’t look like mine, but you’ll have errands and other stuff to do to keep your household running, or to prepare for weekend guests, or to catch up after a busy week at work.

In the midst of the rush, we need to keep ourselves refreshed. I woke early this morning to spend time in the Word. Doing so refreshed my heart and gave me oomph for the hours ahead.  I’m also going to eat nutritious food, maintain an attitude of praise, and try to get to bed at a decent hour so I can stay fresh throughout the weekend. When training ends on Sunday, I think I’ll do nothing for a few hours (and not feel guilty).  And next weekend, I’ll take my husband away for one night – an early birthday gift for him, but a much-needed escape that will undoubtedly feel like a taste of honey and leave us refreshed from the inside out.

What do you do to stay refreshed? What’s your taste of honey?

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