Conntecting the Dots


Today’s society puts ‘way too much emphasis on perfect skin, don’t you think? You’ve gotta be blemish-free to be beautiful, so you’d better take out a loan and start collecting soaps, creams, and concealers.

blemish free on the outside

I remember my terrible teens—those days when my skin broke out and declared itself my personal foe. I spent all my hard-earned babysitting income (earned 50 cents/hour back then…double after midnight!) on facial scrub and every other marketing miracle on the shelves. After high school grad, I became a salesperson for a skin care company so I could buy their products at a discount. To top it off, I ended up taking prescription meds to clear up my blemishes. That thought unnerves me now because, frankly, I know in retrospect that my skin issues did not warrant drugs.

Imagine all the time, energy, and money North Americans invest on their physical appearance in hopes of being blemish-free. Now imagine the difference in our society if we’d invest the same on our spiritual and emotional well-being.

A woman named Abigail once warned David against killing her husband, who’d treated him with contempt by withholding hospitality to him and his army. “When the LORD has done all he promised and has made you leader of Israel, don’t let this be a blemish on your record,” she said (1 Samuel 24:31).

Wise woman, Abigail was. She knew that David’s reputation could be soiled if he killed Nabal simply because he was angry. She counseled him to think twice before acting upon emotions, reminding him that his behavior would have long lasting consequences.

David heeded Abigail’s advice. We’d do well to heed it, too. If we want to be blemish-free emotionally and spiritually, then let’s be careful not to allow our feelings to dictate our actions. Let’s think twice before doing something we’ll later regret. Let’s live according to God’s commands, and we’ll be blemish-free.

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2 Responses to “Blemish-Free”

  1. Beck Gambill

    That’s such excellent advice. Our bodies won’t last but our hearts and reputations will, I need reminders of which to invest in.

  2. Deanna Bartlett

    Great topic! We have been considering doing a whole event on the beauty thing.
    By the way, my daughters ProActive came in the mail today 🙂


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