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See the Opportunity

"God, give us spiritual eyes to see opportunities to speak about You."

Traveling by plane as often as I do provides lots of opportunities to speak with fellow passengers. When I engage in a conversation, I’ll admit that my spiritual antennae are up, looking for ways to share God’s love. Often, the other person makes a comment that makes for a perfect lead-in. Last December, a lady seated next to me asked, “I’m on a personal quest for peace. Have you found it yet?” One usually only dreams of such obvious openings.

As believers, we need to go through life looking for and recognizing opportunities to present Jesus. Peter did so, specifically in Acts 3:12 when people showed their amazement upon seeing him heal a lame man. He seized the moment to direct their attention to God, whose power made it possible for the man, born lame, to walk and leap.

“Peter saw his opportunity and addressed the crowd,” says Acts 3:12. Let’s ask God to give us eyes like Peter’s. Let’s ask Him to enable us to see divine opportunities to share our faith, the reason for our hope, the source of our joy and peace.

Those opportunities might happen on the city bus. They might come at the hair salon, or in a restaurant, or at the gym. We don’t know how God is working in other people’s lives, but we know that He is. And we just need to be alert, keeping our spiritual eyes open to see those opportunities when they come.

Question: Describe a recent opportunity you’ve had to share Jesus.

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2 Responses to “See the Opportunity”

  1. Beck Gambill

    Such a good reminder! I’m finding some surprising opportunities lately are in church. More and more people are coming to church who are not from Christian backgrounds. I’ve mentored young women before that, as I’ve probed, I’ve realized may not have had a complete understanding of salvation and they’ve certainly needed hope. Sometimes we just assume because they’ve walked through the doors of a church they no longer need hope held out and that’s just not true.

    • Grace

      Wow, your last sentence is very true. I’ve learned to assume nothing at church-related events. Many believers are walking in defeat and hopelessness, too, because the enemy has gained a foothold in their lives. There’s truly a spiritual battle going on.


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