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My Good Blog Intentions Failed Today!

All my good intentions flew out the window an hour ago. I’d already planned to help my daughter-in-law and one of her friends can peaches and dill pickles until noon. Picture this: six kids under age four to watch as we work! After lunch, I was to take my mom (visiting from Alberta) and youngest daughter to Minter Gardens for a walkabout tour of the flower beds. But my first priority was to write today’s devotional blog.

Suddenly a truck pulled into our driveway and two men climbed out. Window replacement guys, they were. Scheduled to come next week. But there they were. Now. As I sat down to ponder and write my blog before the day’s busyness began.

They immediately asked us to clear the area under and around our windows (no small feat in my office). And within minutes their saws started screeching as they set to work. They reminded me ‘way too much of a gigantic dentist drill!

And so, I’m outta here! Hubby’s stickin’ around to help the window guys. And I’m off to can peaches and pickles. I’ll be back to blog on Monday as usual.

In the meantime, have a great weekend. Give thanks each day for at least three things. I’ve been putting that discipline into practice for the past few days when I’ve struggled with my attitude about a couple of trouble spots, and it works!

2 Responses to “My Good Blog Intentions Failed Today!”

  1. Gwen

    I began keeping a gratitude journal this January and found it really helped me. The thing for me seems to be lack of focus and if I can set my heart straight in the morning with thanksgiving life just flows better. We have a little fellow in our church that has about a month to live. Tumors everywhere and pain filled days. He’s four years old. Please pray for little Thomas and his young mom and dad Kyra and Darrel. God bless you my dear friend and keep o n the Son-ny side- always on the Son-ny side

    • Grace

      Thanks, Gwen. A gratitude journal does help. Some people I know write in it before bedtime. They write three things about which to be thankful from their day. Sometimes that’s hard to do, but it’s a great exercise. So sorry to hear about little Thomas. This is the third child with tumors that I’ve heard about in four weeks. “God, have mercy on these wee ones!”


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