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The Holy Spirit and Real Life

The same message has been hittin’ home for the past few weeks. That is, God’s presence and power reside within me in the form of the Holy Spirit…and not just a little. Titus 3:5,6 says, “He (God) washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and new life through the Holy Spirit. He generously poured out the Spirit upon us through Jesus Christ our Savior.”

I’ve known about the Holy Spirit for my entire faith journey, but it seems the practical reality of His indwelling is finally sinking in. And boy, oh boy, that growing understanding is making a difference in me.

For instance, earlier this year I sensed God nudging me to host a weekend retreat for professional business women, designed especially for women beyond my church circles. The mere thought scared me for months, but then I began pondering the truth about the Holy Spirit living in me. Imagine—the God of the universe dwelling in me, filling me with His presence and power, promising wisdom and clear guidance. Why, then, was I afraid to say yes to this new assignment?

Problem was, I knew the theory about the Spirit’s indwelling but had belittled the practical reality. Recognizing room for change and growth in this department, I began thanking God for the Spirit and His giving me all the resources needed for this task. I rented a facility, hired an event planner, have started taking registrations, and can hardly contain my excitement now. I stand in awe as the plans for this event are beginning to gel.

Besides recognizing the Spirit’s indwelling for the big stuff, I’ve been acknowledging Him on a moment-by-moment basis. When I meet acquaintances or strangers on the street, I immediately ask Him to help me understand their heart-needs and give me the right words to say. When I speak with people who are hurting, I ask Him to give me the answers to their tough questions. Often He brings appropriate Scripture to mind, and I’m able to encourage those folks with the Word. I’m becoming more keenly aware of His quiet whispers and finding great joy in doing what He says.

Frankly, I believe I have a lot more to learn about the Holy Spirit’s role in my life. Someone in our small group recently suggested we study Francis Chan’s book, The Forgotten God. I haven’t read it yet, but I want to because it addresses this topic. I long to be as effective as possible in building God’s kingdom on earth, and the Spirit’s control over every aspect of my life is key to making this happen.

How about you? Any insights about the Holy Spirit’s indwelling and how it impacts your daily life?

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  1. Elizabeth Veldboom

    Wow. You weren’t kidding when you said we were both on a similar path! My pastor right now is teaching about the Holy Spirit’s indwelling, and I’m just now beginning to understand the concept. Understanding that has tremendously helped me in facing the current fear on my list.

    Thanks for adding to this realization, and I hope your retreat goes fabulously!

    • Grace

      Elizabeth, our small group is going to begin studying “The Forgotten God” by Francis Chan. Have you read this book?


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