Conntecting the Dots

Does God Care About You and Me?

Stuff happens. A scan through newspaper headlines proves it:

Kids get sexually abused by their sports coaches. A wife and her three teenage daughters are drowned (in Canada, nonetheless) by a polygamist husband whose culture demands him to defend his family’s honor.  A teenage dies after a stray hockey puck hits him in the throat. The innocent get hit by stray bullets during gang battles on busy streets.

We read those headlines and feel a stab of pain for those involved. But many of us are too busy dealing with our own pain to linger on negative news stories. We’re trying to figure out how to support our families financially when we’ve just lost our job. Or we’re grieving the loss of an elderly parent, or walking a close friend through her battle with cancer. We’re struggling to know how to love a rebellious child, or how to glue a fractured marriage together.

We sometimes wonder if God’s really out there somewhere. If He is, then is He aware of what’s happening down here? If He’s aware, does He care?

The answer to all three questions is “Yes.” Here’s how I know:

“Because the Lord bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath” (Psalm 116:2).

Imagine the God of heaven stooping down to listen to your cries for help. Imagine Him saying “Shush” to all the noise and clamor demanding His attention from every corner of the globe as He leans down, fully intent on hearing your words. Imagine Him focusing solely on you and the cares that weigh you down today. The Lord of heaven and earth bends down to listen to your prayers and mine. Amazing.

Be encouraged, my friend. God knows. He listens. He cares.

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