Conntecting the Dots

10 Ways to Draw Attention to Yourself

Wanna stand out from the crowd? Here are 10 ways to do so:
* Stand on Wall Street during rush hour and shout, “Hey, everyone, thanks for doing what you do!”
* Commit a front-page crime.
* Try to smuggle a banned substance through airport security.
* Scream, “It’s not my fault! You’ve got the wrong guy!” when airport security drags you into a little room for questioning.
* Threaten the US President on FB and Twitter.
* Dye your hair pink and wear polyester paisley prints to work.
* Write a NYT bestseller.
* Become Mother Teresa #2.
* Clone yourself to look like Pippa Middleton.
* Predict doomsday and then spread the warning worldwide like the guy did last year.
If you’re sick and tired of blending into the crowd, then try one or all of the above.  I guarantee doing so will cause others to notice you. You might even become a household name.

However, you might prefer to play it safer than sorry. If so, here’s another suggestion: Let the Holy Spirit completely fill and control you. It worked for Joseph; it’ll probably work for you, too.

Genesis tells the story of Joseph’s life. He’d been shipped off to Egypt, sold as a slave by his own flesh and blood.  After 13 years of character development, he got his big break when Pharaoh asked him to interpret a couple of disturbing dreams.

Joseph did something that Egypt’s wise men could not do—he told the boss what his dreams meant. Here’s what happened next: “So Pharaoh asked his officials, ‘Can we find anyone else like this man so obviously filled with the spirit of God?’ Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, ‘Since God has revealed the meaning of the dreams to you, clearly no one else is as intelligent or wise as you are’” (Genesis 41:37-39).

Joseph turned heads. He stood out from the crowd not because he, being full of himself, forced others to take notice. On the contrary, he was empty of self and full of the Holy Spirit. His yielded heart made it possible for God to do extraordinary things through him.

You and I might never do something as earth-shattering as Joseph did, but we can still turn heads in our own homes and communities. We can respond with patience and kindness when our kids and spouse irritate us. We can give generously to those in need even though our monthly budget already feels stretched. We can get involved in community affairs and share wise words to help resolve negative issues.

God wants His people to be different than the society in which we live. That difference starts with our being filled and controlled by His Holy Spirit and results in others taking notice. Hopefully it leads to their saying, “There’s something different about you. I want what you have.”

Here’s a prayer for today: “Dear God, empty me of anything that grieves You, and then fill me to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit so that others will see a difference in my life. Set me apart for Jesus’ sake. Amen.”

Your thoughts?

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4 Responses to “10 Ways to Draw Attention to Yourself”

  1. Twylla Sutton

    This is so timely! Our Ladies’ small group is beginning a study called Relying on the Holy Spirit (by Charles Stanley) and I was struck by the thought that God wants us to be in such close relationship with Him that we rely on Him “…at every step you take, every decision you make, every conversation you have and every thought you think.” WOW!! I was reading in Genesis this morning that “Enoch walked with God” – mentioned twice! What a testimony to have – that others would see that I walk with God. That is what I want in my life, that I would be filled with the Holy Spirit in all I do, so that others would see Christ in me.
    Thank you for this further encouragement.

    • Grace

      I’m in a small group study now using Frances Chan’s book, “The Forgotten God.” It, too, teaches about the Holy Spirit. Studying more about Him and His role in our lives has caused me to be ‘way more alert to references to Him as I read the Word. Fascinating. Powerful.

  2. Darlene

    Isn’t it amazing how the Holy Spirit confirms the way he is trying to teach us, by having the same issues pop up from many sources within days? Letting God have ALL of me and taking the courageous first step to allow the Holy Spirit to make the necessary changes in me, and so follow where he leads has been front and center the last little while.
    Francis Chan’s two books “Crazy Love “and “The Forgotten God” were the two non fiction books on my Christmas break reading list. I had to renew them from the library to read over and over, not because the writing style was challenging, but because the content was so challenging!!
    Thanks for the encouragement.and confirmation – being noticed for the right reasons (or running up the escalator when everyone else is going down – living as God would want rather than the status quo as F.Chan talks about).

    • Grace

      Yes, I love it when the HS bring the same theme ’round and ’round to teach us what we need to know. Pharaoh’s observation about Joseph’s life really challenged and blessed me when I read it yesterday. I’m asking God to do the same work in me — drench me with the HS to accomplish Kingdom-building work for which there’s no human explanation and for which the world acknowledges God’s presence and power.


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