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God Delights in Giving Peace

What’s God like?

The Bible’s filled with descriptions. Here’s one that means a lot to me: “Great is the Lord who delights in blessing his servant with peace” (Psalm 35:27).

The fact that God delights in blessing His servants with peace has become very real to me in the past three weeks. Life’s whizzed by at breakneck speed with several major events crammed into a small space…

Three weekends ago, we spent three loooong days at Missions Fest Vancouver, hosting a booth and talking to countless people about summer ministry opportunities. I’d barely caught my breath before the next weekend with its first annual businesswomen’s retreat. The day after the retreat, my husband and I traveled to Vancouver Island for a speaking engagement.

Following that meeting, we escaped for three nights of R&R. When the mini-holiday ended, we began our trip home. That’s when we received a call saying that our daughter-in-law was in labor. We spent last weekend babysitting the other three grandkidlets, and then celebrated the birth of our fourth grandbaby on Saturday evening.

In the midst of the whirlwind, I’m writing articles under deadline and trying to prepare for upcoming speaking engagements. I can let the pressure stress me out, or I can remember the words of Psalm 35:27 and make them personal. I choose the latter. Indeed, as I commit each day to the Lord and invite Him to accomplish through me what’s truly important that day, He blesses me with peace.

This week I learned about a friend’s husband leaving their 29-year marriage. Another friend is battling for her life following a bone marrow transplant. One buried her husband a few days ago, and another is undergoing radiation for breast cancer. Each of these women is undergoing very difficult circumstances right now, but deep down, they all know peace. They’re experiencing God as He’s described in Psalm 35:27.

God delights in blessing His servants with peace. I love that aspect of His character. What characteristic means the most to you at this season in your life?

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6 Responses to “God Delights in Giving Peace”

  1. Dee (Mathews) Elkins

    Thank you for the reminder Grace that God delights in blessing His servants with peace. His peace.

  2. Elizabeth Veldboom

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful scripture and for your thoughts on it! It was once again what I needed to hear.

    February has been so crazy busy for me. I have a new job with new responsibilties, just started the second level in my education, and was preparing for a writer’s conference that was a few days ago. I’m so thankful for all those opportunities, but I did feel like my head was going to spin off. So I’ve definitely been trying to focus on the peaceful aspect of God’s character!

    And also the fact that He’s unchanging. Steady. Faithful. I’ve also had many changes come my way in the past month, and remembering that my God is my rock-steady, faithful, and unchanging-has really helped me get through it.

    • Grace

      “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee…” — words like this are like salve to an anxious heart, don’t you think? Be blessed, Elizabeth. Enjoy His sweet peace.


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