Conntecting the Dots

God Specializes in Impossibilities

It had been a long, hot day. They’d ministered to people for hours. When suppertime rolled around, the weary disciples did what made sense to them—they told Jesus to send the crowds away. “They can go to nearby farms and villages and buy something to eat,” they said.

“You feed them,” Jesus replied.

Imagine the look of disbelief on the disciples’ faces.  “You’ve gotta be kidding,” they said. “With what? We’d have to work for months to earn enough money to buy food for all these people!” (Mark 6:35-37)

They were right. Humanly speaking, feeding 5,000 men and their families was an impossible task. But impossible tasks were Jesus’ specialty, and this event was a perfect opportunity for His power to be revealed. And revealed it was.

Five loaves of bread and two fish, in Jesus’ hands, multiplied to feed the masses with 12 baskets leftover.  Imagine the expression on the disciples’ faces now!

Fast forward to life today. What has God asked you to do that seems stupid impossible? What has been your response? Have you limited what He can do through you because of unbelief? Or have you given Him your five loaves and two fish so He can multiply your efforts and do the impossible?

Sometimes God gives us tasks that seem ludicrous to us. “Volunteer on the PTA,” He says. “Get involved in politics on a local level. Foster a child. Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. Teach a Bible study. Upgrade your education. Write. Go on a short-term missions trip.” Do any of these sound familiar?

Our tendency is to try to figure out how to accomplish it on our own. “With what?” we ask. Perhaps we need to revamp our responses and, instead, remember that God specializes in impossibilities. If He gives us marching orders, He’s already covered the details. We just need to say yes, and then He gives us front row seats to watch Him do the impossible through us.

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  1. Elizabeth Veldboom

    Some great thoughts that I can relate to!

    I especially love your ending line: “We just need to say yes, and then He gives us front row seats to watch Him do the impossible through us.”


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