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Who–or What–is Your Guide?

Where do you turn to for guidance or clarity when you’re facing a major decision or processing a difficult issue in your life?

Some folks turn to the horoscope. Others turn to tarot cards or palm readers. Some rely on gut instinct, while others scour bookstores for self-help resources. Some pursue a life coach or a professional counselor.

There are a lot of different guides out there. Some I endorse; others I don’t. Personally, I seek guidance and clarity from several sources. My husband is one of them. I bounce ideas and thoughts off him and together we discuss the pros and cons. Then we pray and ask God to make His path clear.

Another source is wise friends. I value insights offered by men and women of like mind and those with more life experience. They lend a fresh perspective, and their counsel helps me avoid pitfalls.

My third source of guidance is God and His word. He loves me and desires my best, so I can trust what He says. I also know that the principles He teaches are absolute—they neither fluctuate as my emotions do, nor do they change over time or with societal shifts. There’s no way I’ll veer off course or wander down the wrong path if I keep my eyes on Him and my heart intent on honoring Him.

“Send out your light and your truth; let them guide me,” says Psalm 43:3. Like a flashlight beam pierces the darkness, so God’s word and His Spirit show us what to do when we’re uncertain. They light our path so we know which direction to take. They guide us in the way we should go.

My husband, wise friends, and God’s word are my guides. Who—or what—is yours?

Join me on Friday—I’ll give you a specific example of how God’s word has been my guide recently. I’d love to hear your stories, too.

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    OMG Grace this is a timely word…….thank so much for sharing, hope you do not mind, but I will share with some of my friends that this will be a blessing.

    • Grace

      Hi Sheri. Do I mind if you share this? Twist my arm! Please feel free to share it with anyone you wish. Be blessed today!


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