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The Mistake That Causes Us to Make Mistakes

Doing women’s ministry means hearing lots of personal stories from other gals’ lives. Nothing saddens me more than hearing them express regrets for making certain choices.

Sometimes these choices are moral issues; sometimes not. Here are some examples:

  • I shouldn’t have become involved in a relationship with so-and-so. I’ve had nothing but heartache ever since.
  • We shouldn’t have bought the house in which we live. Doing so has put ‘way too much financial pressure on us.
  • I shouldn’t have spoken angry words at so-and-so. I wrongly jumped to conclusions before opening my mouth, and my words hurt her.
  • Years ago, I sensed God asking me to take a risk. I refused because I was afraid. Now I feel as though I missed His plan for my life.

My first response is to encourage women to remember that God is sovereign and to not become mired in regrets. When our hearts honestly desire His glory, He can beautifully turn negative situations around.

My next response is to ponder the underlying reason for these choices in the first place. Here’s my hypothesis, found in mark 12:24—“Your mistake is that you don’t know the Scriptures, and you don’t know the power of God.” Jesus spoke these words to the religious leaders of His day. How do they apply to us?

  • A woman fears spending her life alone. In haste, she gets involved with a guy who shows interest. Later she discovers things about him that she wishes she’d known before giving her heart away. Perhaps, if she’d known the power of God in her life, she would have trusted Him to either bring a good man to her in His timing or to help her learn to be content as a single.
  • A couple take on crippling debt to live in a house they don’t really need. Why? Because they don’t know the Scriptures that encourage them to be content living with less.
  • Someone chooses to speak angry words over holding her tongue. Why? Because the Scriptures about speaking life-giving words have not been acknowledged.
  • Someone refuses to accept God-given risks.  Why? A lack of familiarity with His promises of presence and provision and a lack of trust in His power to do what He says He will do.

God has our best interests in mind and He promises to guide us continually, but we have to do our part, too. Being familiar with the Word and trusting God to do what He says is vital. Not doing these things is a big mistake—one that we can easily avoid. And when we avoid this mistake, we can live life without regrets. Sounds good to me. How about you?

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