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Why Our Morning Words Matter

What are the first words you speak in the morning?

What words do you speak in the morning?

Here’s a multiple choice quiz:

  • Grooooan. It’s morning again. I don’t feel like getting up.
  • Help! I need coffee—now!
  • My to-do list is a mile long; I don’t know where to begin.
  • Good morning, Lord. This is the day You’ve made; I’ll rejoice and be glad in it.

Which option sounds most like you? Truthfully, I’ve said all these things in the past, but nowadays I intentionally focus on the last statement.

I find that my first words make a huge impact on the rest of my day. If the first words from my mouth are negative, I trudge through my day with a negative outlook towards everything and everyone. If I speak positive words, however, my attitude reflects them.

Perhaps the Psalmist discovered the same truth. In Psalm 59:16, he writes, “…I will sing about your power. Each morning I will sing with joy about your unfailing love. For you have been my refuge, a place of safety when I am in distress” (emphasis mine).

Sounds like this guy made an intentional choice about his words. We can do the same. Even when our emotions tell us to stay in bed or to complain about a specific task ahead or our perceived hardships, we can refuse to go along with them. We can—and should—choose instead to thank the Lord for the gift of a new day, for His presence with us, and for His unfailing love. Doing so changes us from the inside out, creating in us a thankful heart and a sense of joy no matter what. I’d much rather live that way than the opposite.

Do you agree? Do you have a favorite phrase with which you greet the morning?

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