Conntecting the Dots

Hi from Poland!

Hi from Poland! We’ve had a whirlwind week since leaving Vancouver on Monday night. Landed in Berlin on Tuesday evening, drove three hours to Gorzow, Poland that night, taught a class there on Wednesday evening, and then traveled by train for nine hours yesterday via Warsaw and Karpacz to reach Poronin.

This area reminds me of Banff–an alpine resort. This morning we woke to a beautiful snow cover.

Snowy day in Poland

We spent the day with our International Messengers staff. There are about 185 people at this conference. It’s like a giant homecoming! Enjoyed two worship services with great music and a wonderful speaker. Spent time this afternoon meeting with individuals to talk about what’s happening in their lives and pray. Some of these friends/coworkers come from the Ukraine, others from Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, and of course, Poland. What a great group of people. It’s an honor to know and work with them. They inspire me!

The day ended with plans being made for a week of family camp this summer in Poland. It was topped off with a Skype call to wish our grandson a happy third birthday.

And now, while you’re in the middle of your afternoon, I’m going to bed. There’s a nine-hour time difference. Good night!

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