Conntecting the Dots

Showing Honor to Others

“Have you treated him with the honor he deserves for all he accomplished?” This question, found in Judges 9:16, caught my attention.

“He” refers to Gideon, a mighty man of God who risked his life to rescue the Israelites from the Midianites. After he died, his wicked son Abimelech killed his 70 half-brothers and commandeered control over the population. Jotham, the youngest son, escaped. He’s the guy who posed the question to the people who’d benefited from Gideon’s actions.

The answer to this question was obvious. No, the people hadn’t treated Gideon with honor. In fact, they’d thrown out his legacy when they cast a vote of confidence in Abimelech’s favor. What was with that?

Jotham’s question really convicts me. It makes me wonder how often I’ve failed to treat people with the honor they deserve for their accomplishments. Take my mom, for instance. She raised me (and somehow survived), prayed for me, sewed new clothes for me, cooked, cleaned, and did laundry for me. When my dad suffered a paralyzing stroke, she kept him at home and cared for him for six years. Have I treated her with the honor she deserves for all she accomplished?

What about pastors and their wives? Or missionaries who sacrifice financial security, the comforts of home, and closeness with their families to share hope and healing in cross-cultural settings? Or friends in the business world who uphold integrity day in and day out? Or the senior couple who celebrate 65 years of marital fidelity?

The busyness of life makes it easy to overlook others’ accomplishments. This question, however, wakes me up to realize the importance of honoring them. After all, who doesn’t love positive affirmation or a simple word of appreciation?

I think I’ll begin by giving a note of thanks to the postal worker who delivers our mail every day, rain or shine. How about you? Who can you treat with honor today?

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