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My Secret to Dealing with the Day's Stress

How many of you feel pressure or stress right now? I do.

May turned out to be maintenance month for physical health, it seems. This week held a treadmill stress test for my heart, blood tests, two physio appointments, and a doctor’s follow-up appointment. These tests resulted in my being scheduled for a cat-scan and an ultrasound later this month. Even as I write this, my husband is having a skin cancer lesion removed. Thankfully the doc thinks it’s non-invasive.

This weekend Gene and I will train 23 volunteers who are heading overseas with International Messengers in the summer. Besides teaching, I’ll be preparing three meals for everyone. That means I need to do the shopping this afternoon. Besides that, my house is still in chaos after being painted this week, so I’m snatching minutes here and there to unpack boxes. And I have several people waiting for email responses re: upcoming speaking engagements.

Everyone feels pressure or stress at some time or other. It may be caused by physical health issues. It might be due to finances, a tough relationship, or conflict at work. It might be due to having unrealistic expectations placed on you. Whatever the cause, pressure or stress can drain the life outta us.

Today I woke knowing that spending time alone with the Lord before beginning my day was absolutely non-negotiable. Human tendency told me to skip it because, after all, my to-do list was a mile long and I’d never reach the end if I didn’t tackle it the moment I rolled from bed. But I rejected that thought, poured a cup of coffee, grabbed my Bible, and found an empty space on my favorite loveseat. Buried behind packing boxes, I met with God and found my soul restored.

Psalm 119: 143 says, “As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in your commands.” That’s my verse for the weekend. When fatigue hits, I’ll draw my joy from spending time in God’s Word reading about His love and faithfulness. I’ll also draw joy from His literal commands—to give thanks, to serve others gladly, and to keep my thoughts on Him. When Sunday rolls around, I’ll find joy in obeying His command to rest.

How about you? How are you doing, my friend? And how does this verse encourage you?

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2 Responses to “My Secret to Dealing with the Day's Stress”

  1. Nancy

    Grace, this was very encouraging – I have been very stressed with many things on my todo list that all are critical and have deadlines of ‘yesterday’ – I want to do things well – as unto the Lord – and I want to honor Him in all I do… it sometimes feels like a bigger task than I am up for. Having said that – I keep reminding myself that it is not within my abilities anyway – it is only through Him I can do these things.

    I do ask God for wisdom and guidance so I tackle the tasks that I should and have the wisdom to know when I need to ask for help (either from Him or from others in my life)

    Everything is a learning opportunity – I just need to make sure I get the right lesson out of the situation.

    God Bless you – your words are always encouraging! I look forward to them every time!

    • Grace

      Hi there! I’m glad these words were encouraging to you. Sounds like your heart is in the right place–acknowledging that God will give you wisdom and guidance re: which tasks to tackle and how to do that most effectively. I’m with ya on that! That’s my prayer every morning, one that I utter many times through each day. Read today’s blog post — there’s a similar theme. Blessings to you.


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