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Happy Birthday to Me!

Guess what? Today’s my birthday! I’m one year closer to being able to order from a senior’s menu! Whoopeee!

Would you do me a fun favour? Take a special someone — a spouse, elderly parent or grandparent, your kids, your pastor’s wife, your sister, whomever you wish — and enjoy an ice cream treat today (unless you’re allergic to dairy products!). Savor the moment with that person, tell them that you love him/her, and make a special memory, okay? Life’s too short not to enjoy those you love.

Take a moment to tell me what you did, okay? I’d love to hear your response. You can comment on this blog.

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6 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. Johnna Leach

    What a GREAT idea!!! Definately gonna do this…Happy Birthday Grace!!!

    • Grace

      Who did you celebrate with? What did you do? I had a big chunk of tiramisu cake!

  2. Sandi White

    Grace, After Mom’s memorial service, all of her grandchildren went out for ice cream. She always told them that it “just filled in the cracks.” She couldn’t resist an ice cream stand. Every time I eat a cone or other ice cream treat, I will think of her.

  3. Johnna Leach

    Okay, I’m back…so last night after meeting with a few lady friends I went over to “Bahama Bucks” (that’s a really awesome place that makes these shaved ice and ice cream treats…DELICIOUS!!!) I bought one for hubby and one for our daughter and one for me…then I sped home and told them that we were celebrating Grace’s birthday and per your request I was to tell them how much I love them, which I did and we ate our delicious treats and chatted. Great way to end the day!
    Thanks Grace!

    • Grace

      I’m lovin’ it! I’ll be having another birthday next week, and the next, and the next. Enjoy!


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