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Guest Post — "Don't Fuss About the Donkeys"

Today’s post is by Canadian writer Mary Waind. Check out her blog at

Have you ever pursued a task that ended up feeling like a complete waste of time?

Saul may have felt that way. In I Samuel 9, his father sent him to find their family’s lost donkeys. He and a servant searched for days and traveled many miles without success.

In Saul’s mind, the only reason for their journey was to find the runaway animals. Since their task proved fruitless, he wanted to give up.

“Let’s go home,” said Saul.

“Wait! I have an idea,” said the servant. “Let’s seek the help of a prophet who lives in this town.”  It “just so happened” that the prophet was working nearby and their paths crossed his a few minutes later.

Was it a coincidence that the men couldn’t find the donkeys? Was it a coincidence that they ended up in the prophet’s town or that the prophet was working nearby that day? No. Saul and the servant didn’t accomplish their intended task, but they landed exactly where they were supposed to be at the exact time.

When Saul’s supposed mission failed, he may have felt as though he wasted a lot of time. In God’s eyes, however, everything was just as it was supposed to be. God had been at work behind-the-scenes, bringing Saul and the prophet together so that Saul could be anointed as the next king.

Sometimes we have supposed missions of our own. Perhaps we drive to a store to buy a favourite product that’s on sale. We arrive at the store only to learn that the sale ended the day prior, or the product is sold out. We feel as though we’ve wasted time, right? But God might have had a different mission in mind for us. It’s possible that He knew someone at the store received bad news that morning, and they needed a hug or a kind word from us.

Next time you find yourself on a wild goose—or donkey—chase, remember Saul’s experience filled with divine coincidences. And, by the way, the donkeys were already found. God had that detail under control, too.

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2 Responses to “Guest Post — "Don't Fuss About the Donkeys"”

  1. Janet Sketchley

    Great reminder to look for God’s plans when ours go wrong — His are better anyway. Look what Saul would have missed if he’d found those donkeys!

    • Grace

      Mary’s words are a great reminder to go through life with our eyes open, looking for God’s divine appointments and plans.


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