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Facing a Major Decision?

Have you ever struggled over a major decision?

  • Perhaps you’ve been offered a different job in a different city. You think it sounds great but your kids are protesting.
  • Maybe you feel led to participate on a short-term missions trip.
  • Perhaps you’ve met someone special, and your relationship has reached that point where you either commit or take separate paths.

August 26 marks five years since my husband and I packed our earthly belongings into a moving van and left Camp Homewood. We’d served there for 11 years, most of our kids’ growing up years. Eight months prior, International Messengers, a US-based ministry, had asked us to launch a Canadian office and we were faced with making a major decision. Stay where it’s comfortable for us? Or uproot everything familiar and start a new venture? What to do?

We prayed and read the Word. Psalm 32:8 gave us confidence that God would direct—‘The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life; I will advise you and watch over you.’”

We prayed some more. A couple of months passed, and we both agreed that we felt peace about accepting IM’s invitation to serve. Circumstances played into our decision, too. We’ve never looked back.

As a child of God, I’m so grateful that my Father doesn’t leave me to flounder through life. Not once does His Word say, “Figure it out on your own,” but many times He promises to direct our steps and show us the right path.

If you’re facing a major decision, claim this verse as a promise. Do what you believe God is telling you to do (it will always agree with His written Word), and don’t second-guess yourself after making your choice.

Question: How have you seen this promise fulfilled in your life?

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