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Friendship Friday — Julie Morris' Advice re: Weight Loss

Canadian Thanksgiving has just passed so I figured the topic of weight loss would be timely!

Meet Julie Morris. After a lifetime of struggling with unhealthy extra pounds and negative thoughts that also weighed her down, Julie discovered practical ways to draw closer to Christ and experience His transforming power. She lost her weight 30 years ago and was amazed to find that her worries and paralyzing feelings of low self-esteem began to disappear as well.

Julie is a popular motivational speaker, an internationally recognized author of 12 books and founder of Step Forward Christian Weight-Loss Program and Guided By Him—a lighter and easier version of Step Forward. She presents seminars, retreats and workshops across the country that inspire her audiences to make exciting changes toward becoming the person they have always wanted to be. Her passion is sharing the encouraging message that she learned the hard way: God changes weaknesses to strengths and misery to ministry if we cooperate with him.

In addition to being an author and speaker, Julie is a lay counselor, wife, mother of two adult children and grandmother of one precious 5-year old boy. She has worked as a secretary at the Pentagon, Spanish teacher, coronary intensive care nurse and the supervisor of a large hospital medical-surgical unit.  She has been married for over 30 years to her college sweetheart.

You and your daughter have designed a 12-week light and easy Christian weight-loss program called Guided By Him. How can losing weight be “light and easy”?

We’ve discovered wonderful tools that make losing weight lighter and easier and we share them in Guided By Him ( Guided By Him is fun—and it’s funny. For example, some of our chapter titles are “Is Fudge My Fortress?” “Are Donuts my Bread of Life?” and “Do Broken Cookies Count?” You can work the program alone—just by buying the book, but it’s much more fun to do it in a group—getting together with others who want to lose weight so you can laugh together and encourage each other.

Where did you learn how to help people to lose weight?

I learned the hard way! I started dieting at age 8 and finally lost my weight at age 38 when I realized that diets don’t work. (It “only” took me 30 years to figure that out!) I had been hunting for the best way to lose weight—not realizing that it was sitting on my bedside table all along. The Bible offers amazing weight-loss instructions, and when I began applying them, I lost my harmful extra pounds and immediately began helping others to lose theirs.

You encourage your readers to rely on God’s power, not will power, to lose weight. How can they do that?

In John 15:4 Jesus tells us that if we remain in him, we will bear much fruit. GBH shows people how to remain in him and taste that delicious fruit of the spirit–love, joy, peace…and self-control. One way we “remain in him” is to start each day in a brand new way. We do this by having a 15-minute quiet time that is so effective that many of us call it “Our 15-Minute Miracle”!

You say in Guided By Him that resentments are fattening and pouting puts pounds on. Why do you say this?

After years of failed diets, I discovered one of the reasons I couldn’t lose my harmful extra pounds and keep them off: The emotional roots of my overeating kept tripping me up!  I have discovered that when I deal with my negative thoughts, I am able to stop overeating to numb them. Thousands of others agree.

You say that God will turn our misery into ministry if we let Him. How has that happened in your life?

I spent many miserable years struggling with overeating, worried thoughts and feelings of inferiority. As I cried out to the Lord for help, he showed me practical things I could do to change these weaknesses, and I ended up writing 12 books—each sharing the things that God had shown me. I have received e-mails from people from Austria to Australia telling me how much these books have helped them to overcome their weaknesses. And as they lead their weight-loss group, they also turn their misery to ministry!

Contact Julie at She would love to hear from you!

Readers! Do you have a favorite healthy recipe? If so, please share it here, okay?

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  1. weight loss, PCOS

    Dropping extra pounds is always troublesome for me, especially since I have PCOS it always make things more challenging. So far though I lost an additional 30 pounds along with another 10 to 15 pounds more before the New year happens in . Because for me personally weight reduction will me to have a baby a boy or girl.

    • Grace

      I wish you all the best with the weight loss and the fulfillment of your desire to have a baby. Know you are loved, my friend.


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