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Quiet Time with God: 8 Ways to Keep Your Devotions Vibrant

As a woman, wife, mother, and ministry leader, I regard my relationship with God as the most important thing in my life. Nothing matters more than keeping my heart in tune with Him—nothing. Everything about me flows from the depth of that relationship…

  • the decisions I make
  • the way I spend my time
  • my attitude towards money and material possessions
  • my ability to say no to temptation
  • the attitude with which I face life’s difficulties
  • my ability to forgive those who hurt me
  • the courage with which I embrace God-given tasks that exceed my natural talents and giftedness

These things just scratch the surface, but they’re enough to show how relationship with God affects everything about who we are and ultimately our effectiveness in building His kingdom.

Building that relationship requires intentionality, but it ought never be considered a duty. Rather, it ought to be considered a delight. Sheer joy. Privilege! Imagine—the God who breathed the universe into being calls us by name and longs to spend time with us. Sometimes I find it nearly impossible to grasp the truth of that reality.

As I write this, I’m sitting in a hotel room in southern Alberta. In a few moments, I’ll head for a nearby television studio where I’ll do an interview with host Paul Arthur for his show, “Insight.” The interview will feature my devotional book Peaceful Moments to Begin Your Day: Devotions for Busy Women and discuss some of the spiritual insights shared in its pages. Before I dash off, however, I want to encourage you to think about your relationship with God and to take time to read this downloadable article I wrote about how to develop it. It’ll explain eight ways to keep your devotions vibrant.

Perhaps you’re already doing many of these things. If so, great! If not, take the words to heart and incorporate them so that you can enjoy a rich friendship with God.

Be blessed today, my friend.

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