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The Best Thoughts to Think at Night

On what thoughts do you dwell when you’re in bed and either falling asleep or unable to sleep?

Some folks might say they plan the next day’s to-do list. Others might contemplate tough stuff they’re experiencing—a difficult relationship, the pain of betrayal, troublesome money matters, or a recent loss.

Some might ponder more positive happenings—an upcoming vacation, the expected birth of a child or grandchild, recent answers to prayer, or the bliss of a life blessed by peace on every side.

When I wake at night, I most often turn my thoughts to the wonder of God’s presence with me, and I thank Him for His care and love. Then I pray for those whose faith is being tested at that time.

I like what the psalmist did. He wrote, “I reflect at night on who you are, O Lord…” (Psalm 119:55). My hunch is that those reflections focused a lot on God’s unfailing love and faithfulness. Perhaps they also focused on His sovereignty, wisdom, and power. The result? Obedience. “…Therefore, I obey your instructions.”

The more we meditate on who God is (based on the truth of His word, not on human misperceptions), the more courage and confidence we gain to walk in obedience. As we come to understand His love for us, we realize He’s fully trustworthy. As we understand His wisdom, we learn to rest in His plans for us. As we understand His power and sovereignty, we gain courage to say yes even when we don’t know the details.

Perhaps your nighttime thoughts wander down the path of worry or fear. Maybe they take you to painful memories. Perhaps they lead you to a place of despair. If so, choose to refuse to linger there. Instead, do as the psalmist did—reflect on the character of God and allow the truth to transform you.

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2 Responses to “The Best Thoughts to Think at Night”

  1. Mary Sayler, Director Christian Poets & Writers

    Thank you, Grace, for your good word and timing. For many people – Christians included – this time of year brings thoughts of the past with its highs of memorable moments and traditions and lows of loss. But, thank God! Our Heavenly Father gives us unchanging love. God bless you and your readers.

    • Grace

      Thanks for stopping by, Mary. I’m thankful, too, for God’s unchanging love and for the peace He brings in those lows of life.


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