Conntecting the Dots

Christmas and Connecticut

A community in Connecticut, nay, the world, wrestles with unimaginable grief and shock. The scope of what happened a few days ago cannot be comprehended. The emotional pain of those who lost their loved ones cannot be fathomed. And the trauma of those who survived, and of those who study the scene for clues cannot be imagined. The fact that it happened during the Christmas season, when carolers sing of silent nights and joy to the world, intensifies the pain.

A tragedy of this scope boggles the human mind. We ask “why” and we search for answers, but we find none. No doubt, the void may cause some to grow angry with God and blame Him for the mess humanity’s made.

May I offer these words? Heaven forbid they sound like easy platitudes. That’s certainly not my intent. I offer them with a broken heart—one that weeps with those who are weeping today.

The truth is, God’s well aware of humanity’s mess. That’s why He sent Jesus—the Messiah—to bring hope and healing. More than two thousand years ago, a prophet spoke these words: “For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. And the government will rest on his shoulders. These will be his royal titles: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6 NLT).

The prophecy came true in Bethlehem when a tiny babe was born to a young Jewish couple. That baby was Jesus—God in human form. God reached out to mankind, becoming like one of us yet without the inherent evil we possess. He did this so He could experience the same things we do—hunger, thirst, fatigue, sorrow, joy, temptation, anger, even death. Imagine! He became one of us—He entered our messy world—and then provided the way to survive the messes we make. Think of it…

Jesus—Wonderful Counselor—wants to encourage, strengthen, and bring hope to those struggling with grief, shock, and anger today.

Jesus—Mighty God—longs to turn this tragedy into something good and show His healing power to the people in Connecticut.

Jesus—Everlasting Father—invites the grieving to run to Him, crawl into His lap, and bury our faces in His chest. He longs to put His arms around us, hold us tight when we cry, and wipe the tears from our eyes.

Jesus—Prince of Peace—takes our turmoil and turns it to calm when we invite Him into our lives.

I published this prayer on Saturday, but I’m doing it again in hopes that more readers will join me in praying for those who grieve:

“Heavenly Father, we do not understand what happened in Connecticut. Our hearts break, as does Yours, for the senseless loss of human life. We cry to You on behalf of those who lost their loved ones and for those who survived the trauma. Please bring comfort. Please, God, erase the memories that could instill fear and nightmares. Erase the terror and replace it with peace that passes human understanding. Flood them with hope and healing, beginning today. And bring something good from this tragedy as only a miracle-working God can do. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

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