Conntecting the Dots

My Good Friday Muse

I’ve never experienced a Good Friday like this.

As I write this, I’m surrounded by quiet. My husband’s on a train somewhere between Hungary and Slovakia, my daughter’s with her friends, and I’m on my favorite loveseat with legs propped up. Our church hosted a service this morning but I opted to stay home because (1) I can’t leave the house without assistance, and (2) going out completely saps my energy.

Staying home seemed the best choice because it allowed me to reserve strength to visit with relatives coming later today. It also allowed me solitude to read the Word and ponder the meaning of Good Friday. It’s proven to be a precious time for me. Here’s a peek at three questions on my mind:

* How can we begin to grasp the depth of God’s sacrificial love?

* How can we fathom the pain Jesus Christ bore on our behalf?

* How can we understand the scope of forgiveness and freedom that is ours because of what Christ has done for us?

The answers: we can’t. The marvels of God’s amazing love and Christ’s obedience are beyond our imagination. But we can stop for a few moments today and reverently thank the Lord for paying our sin penalty.Easter It’s the least we can do in response for what Christ has done for us.

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