Conntecting the Dots

Keep Praying!

“Don’t stop pleading with the LORD our God to save us from the Philistines!” they (the Israelites) begged Samuel. So Samuel took a young lamb and offered it to the LORD as a whole burnt offering. He pleaded with the LORD to help Israel, and the LORD answered him” (1 Samuel 7:9-9 NLT).


Every night I pray for an ever-growing list of friends and family struggling with chronic or terminal illness. When the Boston marathon bombing happened, I added the victims who lost limbs. And then the Bangladesh factory collapsed, so I began praying for the families of those who died.

In years past, I prayed for our kids’ unsaved friends and their families. I’ve prayed for persecuted believers around the world. And I’ve interceded on behalf of women and children, unknown to me, trapped in abusive situations.

Prayer makes a difference. It can change everything, especially for those in desperate situations. “Don’t stop pleading to the Lord on our behalf,” the Israelites begged Samuel when fearful of the approaching Philistine army.

And so, Samuel prayed. And God answered.

Let’s do as Samuel did and pray for those in need. Let’s plead on behalf of family and friends, but let’s carry it further and pray for those we don’t know, too.

Let’s plead on behalf of unborn children and the mothers who are sitting in abortion clinics awaiting their appointment today.

Let’s plead on the behalf of seniors sitting alone in nursing homes. And for the caregivers of those with special needs.

Let’s plead for our government leaders and decision makers.

Let’s plead on behalf of school teachers, police officers, and our military.

“Don’t stop pleading to the Lord to save us,” a voice cries. The needs are endless; let’s be faithful to do what we can and trust God to answer.

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