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The Lord Delights in You

I’m a houseplant killer. Not intentionally, of course. It just seems that entering our home inevitably brings a death sentence to plants of all kinds. It’s only a matter of time.

I happened to mention this during my final speaking session at last weekend’s women’s retreat. “The only plants I raise are silk,” I said. “My youngest daughter recently killed a cactus. She says she inherited my genes.”

Everyone laughed. I had no way of knowing that the planning committee had intended to give me a potted lily as a thank-you gift when that session ended.

When the presentation time came, one woman carried the lily toward me. Her face registered apology.  “I’m sorry,” she said. “Until this morning, we didn’t know you kill plants. I’m not sure what you want to do with this now.”

I blurted the first words that came to mind: “I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but how about we do a door prize and give it to someone who will provide a good home?” Everyone laughed again, and then a name was drawn.

The winner approached me a few minutes later, lily in hand. She was a gal who’d recently completed a recovery program and had moved into a house on her own. “Thank you,” she said. “I have no decorations for my home, and I’ve been praying for a plant. This lily, to me, signifies a new beginning. It’s perfect.”

Who would have known this woman had been praying for a plant? Not I. Likely no one else in the room knew, either. But God did. I’ll forever treasure the moment. ‘Twas a perfect example of how God delights in His children (2 Samuel 22:20 NLT).

How have you seen Him delight in you? Let’s honor Him by sharing our stories, okay?

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  1. Kristen

    Hi Grace! I was at that women’s retreat! Thanks for coming! I am so glad you came to speak, I as blessed.

    • Grace

      I’m so glad you came, too. It was a great weekend! I’m trusting God to accomplish His sweet and powerful purposes in each woman’s life, yours included 🙂


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