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What Emotions Fill You?

What emotions fill you?

Video clips of the Syrian crisis make me wonder how people can be filled with so much hatred.

A woman talks to me about her husband—the man who left her for another woman. Betrayal fills her heart with pain.

Friends evacuated their flooded home and, nine days later, are still unable to return to assess the damage. Circumstances fill them with angst.

A bullied teenage boy takes his life. His parents are filled with grief.

Time and circumstances change the thoughts and emotions that fill us. I recall holding my first grandchild less than an hour after she entered the world. Awe and wonder at her perfectly formed features filled my mind. Two months later, while I was in Hungary, I received word that my dad had passed away back in Canada. Disbelief and grief filled me then.

When circumstances leave us filled with fear, uncertainty, sorrow, or pain, let’s remember to draw our strength from the Lord. Scripture says He’s filled with love and kindness:

  • The LORD is merciful and compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love (Psalm 145:8).
  • The LORD is righteous in everything he does; he is filled with kindness (Psalm 145:17).

What emotion or character quality fills you today? Perhaps it’s fear. Or joy. Maybe it’s peace. Hope. Or, heaven forbid, hopelessness.

God is filled with unfailing love and kindness. He knows how you feel, and He’s there for you. Call on Him, and let Him fill you with everything needed to thrive.

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