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Why Does Personal Fitness Matter?

Physical fitness matters for several reasons!

“Carelessness is an insult to the Holy Spirit. We should have no carelessness about us either in the way we worship God, or even in the way we eat and drink,” writes Oswald Chambers in My Utmost for His Highest.


I agree with Chambers’ words. As daughters of the King, we owe our very best to our heavenly Father. We know this applies to the spiritual aspect of our lives, but sometimes we forget that it applies to our physical, everyday lives, too.

Chambers’ challenge to avoid carelessness in the way we eat and drink really spoke to me. How often have I chosen chocolate over an apple or a few grapes? How many times have I munched on chips rather than crunching on a carrot? And how frequently have I postponed or canceled my trip to the gym in lieu of a busy schedule?

Having struggled with the fallout of leg injuries for nearly eight months, I take Chambers’ challenge very seriously. I can’t afford to be careless, so I’ve watched my diet and been more disciplined in exercise. The result? I’m getting stronger daily, and I’ve shed 18 pounds.

Eight pounds fell off while I was confined to the wheelchair! I chose foods that would nourish my body rather than satisfy a craving, and I did DVD-based chair exercises designed for seniors and people with injuries. They weren’t strenuous but they kept me moving, and that made a difference.

Health has become a hot topic for me as a result of my experience. Here are some thoughts I’ve mulled in that regard over the past months.

  • People judge a book by its cover. They judge people similarly. What do they see when they see me? A woman who speaks about having freedom in Christ but is addicted to poor eating habits? A woman who says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” but can’t muster the discipline to exercise? Or do they see a woman whose life matches her message?
  • I owe it to my family to maintain good health. They invested a lot of time and energy into me after my initial injuries. As much as possible, I want to spare them from having to do that again.
  • God’s called me to be a Kingdom-builder. For me, that involves travel and long working hours. Fulfilling that call requires good health.
  • I don’t own my body. God does. He bought me with a price and indwells me with His Holy Spirit. My body is His temple and He deserves the best.

I’ve been really honest about where I am right now. That makes me accountable, too. That’s a bit scary, but I’m okay with that. Being accountable will help shove me out the door when I don’t feel like going to the gym. It will also help me make wise food choices even when no one’s watching.

How are you doing re caring for your health? Do you give mental assent to the importance of exercising and making wise food choices but find it difficult to practice?Join me in continuing to be, or in becoming more conscientious about good eating and exercise habits, okay? Let’s be wise stewards of the body God’s given us.

Here are several links to helpful sites:


  • Track daily calories. The results might shock you, as they did me when I began using this free tool.
  • Check out this ministry and its many resources designed to help you achieve optimum physical and spiritual health. Being involved in this ministry’s online Bible studies has made a huge difference in my life.

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