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Wedding Countdown — Answered Prayer for Bridesmaid Dresses

My daughter’s three bridesmaids live in three different cities. Two in Canada, and one in the USA. One of the girls is eight months pregnant. Finding coordinated dresses under those circumstances is challenge enough. Add to that the fact that teal (technically called “oasis”) is one of the least common colors offered on the rack at David’s Bridal stores, and the challenge increases. But with God nothing is impossible. Not even supplying bridesmaids dresses in the right color and size in a very short time period.

The hunt began four weeks ago. The American bridesmaid visited David’s Bridal in her city and, lo and behold, found a dress in oasis in her size. It needed slight alterations. No problem. That will happen today.

One Canadian bridesmaid traveled to Washington to shop. She found a style that fit beautifully, but alas. No oasis on the rack. “We can get the dress shipped by October,” said the sales clerk. The wedding is August 17th.

“Can you phone other stores to locate one on a rack somewhere…anywhere?” we asked.

“Sure,” said the clerk. She gave her best effort, and her effort paid off. The dress arrived two weeks ago.

The third bridesmaid—the pregnant one—shopped at a David’s Bridal near Vancouver. She found a style that looked great on her, but in the wrong color. “We cannot supply one in oasis,” said the clerk. “There’s nothing on a rack in the entire country.” She phoned the distribution center, but there was nothing to be had there, either.

Right dress. Wrong color. No problem.

“Can you locate one in a US store?” we asked.

“We have no access to their inventory database,” she said.

The bridesmaid and I left the store a tad disheartened but not without hope. You see, we serve a God who delights to do the impossible. And so I asked Him to set to work on our behalf. He did.

An hour later, I phoned the same store that served the American bridesmaid. “We need another dress in the oasis color,” I explained. I gave her the size and style number. “Can you please locate one for us in your database?”

“Absolutely,” replied the clerk. Within a minute, she’d found not one, but three. One in Las Vegas, one in California, and one in Washington. I contacted the Washington store, and a clerk shipped it the same day, in plenty of time for alterations to be done.

Finding coordinated bridesmaid dresses is a small concern compared to the world’s issues. We may be tempted to think God’s too busy to care about such matters. But we need to think twice. He cares, and He delights to answer our prayers. It’s been so much fun to watch Him pull the wedding details together, bridesmaid dresses being only one example.

Stay tuned for another wedding countdown story tomorrow.

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