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Wedding Countdown — How God Answered Prayer for a Photographer

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My daughter wanted to hire a wedding photographer able to capture special moments in an informal way and still fit her budget. I phoned Imagemakers—the photographer who’s done my professional shots twice—and asked if he was available on August 17th. “Sorry,” he said. “My daughter’s getting married on the same day. But I’ll send you a couple of recommendations.”

Before we had a chance to pursue his recommendations, a neighbor knocked on our door. We chatted briefly about wedding stuff, and then she said, “The worship pastor at my church is married to a photographer. She has a website. Would you like her contact information?”

“Sure. Why not?” I said.

Kim liked what she saw on Courtenay Rodda’s website and met with her. Yes, she was available on August 17th. And by the way, she’d done several weddings at our venue in the past and was familiar with the layout of the land and where to capture great shots. The two discussed a potential package and agreed to move forward.

Funny thing—last weekend I met my Imagemakers photographer in Costco. He and his wife were shopping for their daughter’s wedding, as were my husband and I for ours.

“Did you find a photographer?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “Her name is Courtenay Rodda.”

“Courtenay?” asked his wife. “She’s my cousin. She’s great!”

The venue, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the bridal gown alteration expert, the photographer—God provided them all at last minute notice. He also provided the pastor, a worship leader, the necessary rentals, a food service provider, and more. Now we’re trusting Him for the weather.

The forecast says sunshine breaks and scattered showers throughout the day. Would you please pray with us for good weather? The entire event is outdoors, and there is no backup plan. We have tents for the reception and could move the ceremony under cover if needed, but it would be lovely to have no rain for picture-taking purposes.

I’m off and running now. Lots of work to do today before the evening’s rehearsal. I’ll post photos on Sunday. Can hardly wait to share them with you!

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  1. Sandra White

    Have they found a place to live in Calgary? I am still praying that they will. I am glad that everything is coming together. Have a wonderful day with your family, Grace.


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