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Mr. and Mrs. David Long

Saturday marked the celebration of Kim Fox and David Long’s commitment to marriage. And what a celebration it was! Everyone, it seems, felt God’s smile on the day.

Several days prior to the wedding, the weatherman began predicting 70 percent chance of rain. We toyed with the thought of a backup plan in case his predictions came true, but not for long. All the other details had fallen into place so beautifully. Why, then, would the Lord not ensure the weather cooperated, too? And so, in faith, we moved forward with our plans. And God honored it. Mild cloud cover protected everyone from the sun’s blistering heat. And not a single drop of rain fell.

One of my most unforgettable moments came moments after I’d placed Kim’s veil on her head. My four-year-old grandson Luke gazed at his auntie, adoration and wonder in his eyes. Then he said, “Auntie Kim—you’re perfect for your wedding.” So precious.

Another personal highlight was seeing nearly a dozen of Kim’s clients in the audience. She’s worked with adults with special needs for about seven years, and many of her current clients came with their caregivers. She’d hoped they would come, and they did.

The couple had written their vows, and their words reflected their personalities and perspectives. Both promised to remain faithful for life. “Leaving you will never be an option nor an ultimatum,” said David to his bride.

The couple ducked through a garden arch and entered a gazebo where they signed their marriage license on a stone table. After they returned, a worship leader with guitar in hand led the audience in two songs. “Creation Calls” was first, chosen for the couple’s mutual love for nature and its Creator. “As For Me and My House” followed as a declaration of the couple’s intent to build their marriage on Christ.

Watching my baby and her best friend sing their intent moved me to tears. Her dad and I have prayed for her and her future spouse for 26 years. We’ve asked the Lord to give her a godly husband, one who would love Him and cherish our girl. And today we witnessed His answer.

The ceremony ended and the pastor introduced the couple as Mr. and Mrs. David Long. “What God has put together, let no man separate,” he said. The audience burst into applause, and the festivities began.

After the newlyweds return from their honeymoon, my husband and I will help move them to Calgary where Kim will begin her two-year Master’s degree for occupational therapy and David will work and apply for medical school. Tomorrow I’ll post about how God has answered prayer by providing housing for them.

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  1. Johnna Leach


    It was AWESOME to hear that the weather cooperated, and I love when you said, “All the other details had fallen into place so beautifully. Why, then, would the Lord not ensure the weather cooperated, too? ” YES, sooo right on!!!

    It’s funny how these things work out. My son Justin and his bride Sarah have had rain at all of the “important” events so far in their life! They’ve decided that when they have a baby, if it’s a girl, they might name her Raine!!!

    Tell Kim that she is a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!! What a fun picture with the bike and riding boots!!!

    Hugs, Johnna

    • Grace

      It was sooo wonderful. Kim and David said the whole day was just as they’d envisioned it.

  2. Karen

    Grace, I have been following your blog for a year now and been watching as your preparations came together for this wedding. I am so glad God honored your special day. Such a blessing to have been a part of it without even knowing you! Thanks for sharing

    • Grace

      It’s been an amazing (all-consuming) five weeks. I think I should start a business for planning weddings on short notice 🙂

  3. Sandra Glass

    Dear Grace

    Since I so enjoyed your Ten-Minute Devotionals book with my then ten-year-old (now a lovely nearly-sixteen-year old) i have followed your blog and life with much interest and affection. I SO enjoyed hearing how amazingly our awesome God has provided for everything needed for Kim’s wedding. I too worry about things and have just started asking Him to take over and just provide-and give my anxious heart his peace. We have had similar wonderful answers to prayer, including recently a beautiful dress, ridiculously cheap and tailored to our budget, for Rachel has been invited to a Matric Dance (our South African version of the Prom night) by a boy she knows. I await His help for finding the shoes, necklace and bag as I am struggling with chronic infections and poor health and not up to trawling the malls at the moment. The dance is Sat 31 August! Your stories have filled me with hope. Congratulations to Kim and David and may God bless you all richly. I too am praying for a godly husband for Rachel when the time is right. Thank you and keep on writing and walking in His light. Sandra

    • Grace

      So nice to hear from you, Sandra! I remember your emails from a long time ago 🙂 I’m glad these stories of God’s provision for Kim’s wedding have encouraged you. I’m still standing in awe at how He provided everything needed at just the right time so we could pull this celebration off in only five weeks. He’ll do the same for you and for Rachel’s special date.

      Seeings as how you enjoyed my other books, keep your eyes open for my new devotional — “Morning Moments with God: Devotions for the Busy Woman.” It’ll be released on January 1. Already posted on Amazon.

      Blessings to you, Sandra. Stay in touch.


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