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God’s Continued Provision for the Newlyweds

My daughter’s pursuing a two-year Master’s program for occupational therapy. Doing so requires moving to Calgary, Alberta. And that means finding a place to live.

Sadly, a terrible flood washed through the city a few weeks ago. The water destroyed countless homes. The principle of supply and demand being what it is, the cost of housing skyrocketed.

I posted a request on Facebook about three weeks ago, asking if anyone had leads for a small bedroom suite or apartment. Several people responded with suggestions—thank you for doing that! I followed up several leads, but they were either unavailable at the end of August or too expensive. One one-bedroom basement suite, for instance, cost $1250 per month plus $250 for utilities. And so the search continued, mixed with many prayers.

“God, please provide a place for Kim and David to live,” I prayed for three weeks. Then one day a thought struck me. Why am I asking God to provide a place for the newlyweds to live? If He’s telling them to move to Calgary, then He’s already supplied. Instead, I should be asking Him to show them the house of His choosing.


Less than two days later, Kim told me they’d found a place.  Ephesians 3:20 says that God does exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or imagine, and their new home is a perfect example. This basement suite has not one, but two bedrooms. The master bedroom features a walk-in closet. The suite has its own laundry room, a separate entrance, and all appliances. Best of all, it’s only 15 minutes from Kim’s school, and the price falls within their budget.

Watching God answer specific prayers exceeding abundantly above on Kim and David’s behalf has been such a delight. I look forward to seeing how He’ll answer our other prayers—for a job for the groom and for them to find a good church.

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6 Responses to “God’s Continued Provision for the Newlyweds”

  1. Lori Dixon

    We moved to Abbotsford from Calgary seven years ago and I strongly recommend Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel. It is an expository teaching, warm group! I encourage your daughter and hubby to prayerfully consider this fellowship . . . we so miss Glenn Nudd’s teaching. 🙂

    • Grace

      Thank you, Lori. I’ll pass this info along to the newlyweds. Blessings to you today.

  2. Linda

    So funny, we seem to be dealing with the same things right now. My son who got married on the 17th also had to move to Calgary. They found a really nice 2 bedroom very cheap too. And are looking for a good church.

    What does David do? I do know Shaw is hiring, my son just got on there. He should check it out if that is his field.

    • Grace

      I’m glad that things are working out well for your son and his bride, too. What a relief to know that God is watching over our kids, eh?

  3. Jack & Joy

    Hi Grace,
    What an awesome story and what a blessing. Encouraging! Thanks for sharing, Grace.

    • Grace

      You’re welcome, Jack and Joy. It’s been so much fun to watch unfold that it’s impossible to keep to myself 🙂


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