Conntecting the Dots

God’s Delight Over the Details of Our Lives

Last Friday I shared my concerns about moving our newlyweds to Alberta this weekend because our daughter-in-law was expecting to deliver our fifth grandbaby any day. Someone would be needed to babysit the other four grandkids (ages 1-5) at a moment’s notice, and that task naturally fell to us.

God reassured me that everything would be okay, and He kept His word. The next day, our daughter-in-law landed in the hospital and, sure enough, Gene and I became babysitters.

Micah Jude was born on Sunday at 11:39 PM. The timing of his arrival means we can make the 10-hour drive and get the job done knowing everything’s okay back home.

We’d only hoped and prayed that the baby would wait until we returned so we could be there to help. But God blessed us exceeding abundantly above by orchestrating the details so we could help and Kim and David could meet Micah before leaving town. What a sweet send-off!

On Friday I quoted Psalm 37:23—“The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.” I’m overwhelmed with how God has shown His delight in every detail of my family’s life over the past six weeks. My faith has grown to a new level as a result.

But here’s a flipside to today’s theme: God delights in the details of our lives even when circumstances don’t turn out so well, at least from our perspective.

Several years ago my dad passed away only 36 hours after I’d landed in Budapest to begin a two-week speaking tour. His memorial service took place before I could return. That experience nearly broke my heart, but God showed His care for the details of my life by surrounding me with the companionship of several missionaries who stayed with and prayed with me during the time of Dad’s funeral.

Less than two years later, a massive stroke claimed my father-in-law while we were in Poland leading an evangelistic family camp. My husband’s siblings had the privilege of sitting at Tim’s bedside when he slipped into heaven, but Gene was unable to be there to say goodbye. That experience nearly broke his heart, but God showed His care for the details of our lives through the friendship of a Polish couple with whom we were ministering. He also provided a cell phone with which we were able to call our kids.

Knowing God’s involved in our lives brings rest and freedom from stress. Have you experienced the same? If so, how?

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