Conntecting the Dots

A Grandma’s Musings

I hold my month-old grandson and marvel at the wonder of little people and their complete dependence on others for everything. Everything.

Food. Cuddles. Diaper changes. Baths. Burping. You name it. Babies rely on us to sustain their lives.

And then the truth dawns. I resemble my grandbaby in many ways. Granted, I might think I’m an independent person, able to care for myself and work to provide for my needs. But who am I kidding?

Reality is, I am completely dependent on God.  Everything I am is because of Him. Everything I have is because of Him.

He gives me physical strength, and I’m able to clean my house, run errands, pick up my grandchildren, and exercise. He gives me a healthy mind, and I’m able to think, plan, write, converse, and remember. He gives me the ability to connect with other people and enjoy relationships. He also gives me the ability to grow through the relationships that aren’t so enjoyable.

Bottom line, I can do nothing apart from my Creator. “He gives breath to everyone, life to everyone who walks the earth,” says Isaiah 42:5. He literally keeps my heart beating and fills my lungs with air. The moment He stops, I’ll be wingin’ my way to heaven. As the psalmist wrote, “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me.”

God holds me in His hands. I needn’t worry. I needn’t fear. Like my grandbaby, I’m in a place of complete dependence. And there’s no better place to be.


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