Conntecting the Dots

Heaven is Real — So What?

Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits in the place of honor at God’s right hand. Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth. (Colossians 3:1,2)

I recently read Heaven is Real, a little boy’s account of visiting heaven while undergoing life-saving surgery. Fascinating, it was. It left me longing for the day when I, too, will say goodbye to my earthly digs and move to my eternal home.

Imagine! Pain and sorrow won’t exist. War, hunger, economic meltdowns, political scandals and corruption, natural disasters—none of these will occur. Yes, life will look a lot different there. Best of all, we’ll finally see Jesus face to face. I wonder what that moment will look like? One thing’s for sure—a simple thank-you won’t be enough to express gratitude for everything He’s done for us.

Heaven is real. Everyone who’s placed their saving faith in Jesus Christ will someday move there. That’s a promise that we’ll most certainly see fulfilled someday. But what about now? What difference does the knowledge of heaven’s realities make to us today—when we’re busy cleaning house or raising kids or struggling to make our marriage work or wondering how we’re going to pay the mortgage? Here are a few thoughts:

  • Heaven brings hope. Life on earth is hard sometimes, but it’s only temporary. We can survive anything knowing eternity awaits in a far better place where all our present-day problems will be past tense.
  • Heaven brings rewards. Sometimes we feel overworked and underappreciated here. That’s true for homemakers, executives, pastors and their wives, and anyone else who’s served in any capacity. We might feel as though no one notices our labors on the behalf of others, but truth is—God sees. Someday He’ll reward us in ways beyond imagination. Knowing payday is coming gives us the strength we need to carry on (it should also give us the desire to keep our motives pure between now and then).
  • Heaven brings life. Scripture tells us that heaven brings the promise of eternal life. But I believe heaven also brings the promise of life full and free in a way we cannot comprehend while living on earth. Someday we’ll bow in the presence of Jesus Christ—the One who is Life itself (Colossians 3:4 NLT). Perfect and complete, we’ll no longer wrestle with sin. We’ll enjoy His presence unhindered and uninhibited. Imagine the joy that awaits!

Sometimes life’s tough here on earth, but knowing heaven awaits brings courage and strength. Let’s live each day now in a way that brings a smile to God’s face, remembering that this is not our permanent home. We’re only passing through, enroute to our real home where all will be well.

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