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Why I Take a Mini-Retreat

Good morning, my friend! Welcome to the first post on my new blog–“Connecting the Dots.” Check out my new website, too. I’m thankful to Laura Christianson at Blogging Bistro for the great job done in designing and developing my site. Kudos!


For more than six years I blogged devotional posts. While I still plan to post devotions, I also intend to expand (my “one-word” for 2014) to include more specific thoughts about marriage, parenting, and life in general. My “why” for each post will always be to connect the dots between faith and real life. I’d love for you to leave comments and share the posts on your social media links.


As for today’s post…here goes. Enjoy!


My husband and I spent five days on Vancouver Island this week. Part of it was for ministry, and the other part was a personal retreat to celebrate our upcoming 32nd wedding anniversary. We do this every year, returning to our favorite place where we enjoy nature’s beauty, great food, and alone time. I also enjoy the tradition of watching the sun rise.

Morning sunrise enjoyed at my mini-retreat.

Morning sunrise enjoyed at my mini-retreat.


Pajama-clad and coffee in hand, I open our cabin’s curtains and then nestle into a comfy chair to enjoy the show. Sometimes Gene sits beside me; sometimes not. Regardless, silence reigns in the room as the sun peeks over the horizon and paints the sky pink.


One of my favorite spaces, this is—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The early morning scene and the silence that accompanies it refresh my body, mind, and soul. It enables me to step back from life’s rush and responsibilities, re-evaluate my goals and dreams, and renew my friendship with Jesus.


Some folks might call this mini-retreat a luxury. I consider it a necessity, and I believe Jesus would agree. I recall how He encouraged His disciples to withdraw and seek a time of rest after a busy ministry schedule. He knows our mortal frames are made of nothin’ but dust and they need a break from work every once in a while.  He also knows our need for spiritual retreats, evidenced by His own escape to seek solitary time with His Father in prayer.


We’ll pack up and head home shortly, thankful for this brief respite from ministry’s responsibilities, thankful for the time we’ve had to celebrate our marriage, and thankful for the renewed energy with which we can approach the work that awaits us. We’ll schedule the same dates on our calendar for 2015, and I’ll look forward to it for the next 12 months.


What simple traditions do you practice to refresh yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

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