Conntecting the Dots

God Created Everything and He Can Do Anything!

trust His ways and wisdom

“God created atoms and angels and ants, crocodiles and chiggers and clouds, diamonds and dust and dinosaurs, raindrops and sweat drops, dewdrops and blood drops, and me! And you!


“The greatness of His power to create and design and form and mold and make and build and arrange defies the limits of our imagination. And since He created everything, there is nothing beyond His power to fix or mend or heal or restore.”


These words, written by Anne Graham Lotz, make me smile. They also offer hope. And courage. And a huge dose of confidence that make me wanna shout, “My God can do anything! Did ya hear that? ANYTHING!”


Women often pour out their hearts to me. They tell me of husbands who’ve packed up and walked out. Of chronic pain. Of kids making lousy choices. Of feeling overwhelmed, overworked, underappreciated, and underpaid.


I “get” it. I know what discouragement feels like. I understand what feeling desperate for a breakthrough feels like. I know how it feels to be tempted to throw one’s hands in the air and say, “I’m done.” But I also know how to rise above that discouragement. A huge part of that lies in where my thoughts focus.


I’m not talking about positive thinking mo-jo. I’m talking about biblical principles that command us to think about whatever’s true and noble and of good report et al. When we feel like discouragement of tsunami proportions is sweeping over us and threatening to suck us to the land of no return, we need to reach out and grab hold of the truth. Here’s one example:


“The LORD merely spoke, and the heavens were created. He breathed the word, and all the stars were born” (Psalm 33:6).


A popular kids’ song says God is so big, so strong, and so mighty that there’s nothing He cannot do. That’s theology at its finest. God simply says the word and nothingness spews forth the heavens. From nowhere the stars, moon, and sun appear.


No human instrument can measure God’s power. No human being can fully understand its extent. Perhaps that’s why it’s difficult for us to believe He can change our circumstances, mend a broken relationship, and heal a broken body. But the truth remains—He is able.


Do not stop hoping. Do not stop asking. Do not stop focusing on the truth: God can do anything!


Question: How have you seen God do the impossible? Or for what impossible thing are you trusting Him?



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