Conntecting the Dots

A Week in the Life and Mind of a Writer/Speaker

What a wild, whirlwind (and thankfully, unusual) week it’s been. And it’s not over yet. I’ve traveled several thousand miles, slept in many hotel rooms, interviewed for several TV shows, and spent time with individual women in person and online. At times my brainwaves must have resembled a roller coaster on steroids.


Some people look at my life and think it’s glamorous. You know—a writer and speaker who travels, appears on media, etc. How exciting!



I agree to a point. My life’s anything but dull. But it’s also made up of the stuff that keeps me very reliant on the Lord for His strength and wisdom. And that’s why I love what I do—I can’t do it without Jesus. The longer I do what I do—at His calling—the more I recognize my need for His companionship and complete indwelling.


I’ve not written a blog post like this, ever. Perhaps that’s because I’ve never experienced a week quite like this, ever. To give you a glimpse of what my life really looks like on occasion, I’m offering you this snapshot of what’s gone on in my head since Sunday:


Think about which warm clothes to pack for traveling east where winter is still hanging on, what to wear for multiple TV interviews, what materials I need to work on while in flight, and how to cram everything into one weight-restricted carry-on bag so I can save time when I reach various airports where I’ll land.


Think about listening well to my TV hosts so I can answer their questions. Sometimes they follow my publicist’s suggested interview questions; sometimes not. “Holy Spirit, please speak through me. Only You know the deepest needs of those who will watch these programs. Give me the answers they need to hear.”


Think about saying no to junk food and making wise dietary choices while sitting in airports for hours. “God, help me remember that my body is Your temple and I need to treat it well.”


Think about responding well when my airline cancels my ticket and then reschedules my flights—two hours before my departure. And how to respond well when the airline says they’ll hold my connecting flight on my last leg home because of a delay enroute but later change their mind.


Think about unexpectedly spending the night in a hotel in my daughter’s city but being unable to see or call her because I arrived at midnight and left at 4:30 AM.


Think about my words as I sit in yet another hotel room late at night, composing an email to a woman whose struggling with the aftermath of abuse at the hands of her pastor. “God, tell me what to say!”


Think about what to share at the staff chapel at Crossroads Communications prior to my interview on 100 Huntley Street. “Father, fill my mouth with words that encourage and challenge. Fill my mouth with words that help connect the dots between faith and real life.”


Think about what to share with about 80 missionary women next week in Slovakia. The theme is supposed to revolve around suffering. What do I know? I experienced suffering last year, but I got off easy compared to many. “God, give me the words to say. Make them real. Make them practical. Make them hope-filled.”


Think about the couple and their 20-month-old son sitting across the aisle on my flight from Toronto to Calgary. They’re exhausted. Their son is overtired, screaming, and thrashing. They’ve traveled from the Middle East and are more than ready to reach their destination. “God, grant strength. Grant sleep.”


Think about what to say to a group of addicts living in a recovery home, struggling to gain victory over the giants in their lives. “God, give me the words to share with these dear women,” I pray. Minutes later I realize I’d packed the notes from a talk I gave three years ago. It’s called “Facing the Giants in Our Lives.” Why did I put those notes in my bag? Because God knew this content was perfect for this group of women.


Think about the ramifications of spending less than one day at home between flights. I want to see my grandkids, so I forget about packing for my next flight and run out to meet family at my granddaughter’s ballet class. Hugs and kisses and hearing the kids’ delighted, “Grandma!” fills my tank.


Think about missing my husband. He’s in Romania, and we Skype when we can. I’m thankful for technology that allows us to stay in touch long-distance but I look forward to reuniting with him next week.


Think about my senior mom. My plane flies over her town twice this week, and I’m unable to drop in to share coffee and a chat with her.


Think about boarding a Boeing 747 next week and flying to London enroute to Hungary and eventually Slovakia. I’m responsible for taking a 38-year-old single mom and her 16-year-old daughter with me. They’ve never traveled overseas. I’m also responsible to meet up with my 28-year-old niece and a 20-year-old second cousin at Heathrow Airport and ensure we all get to Budapest okay. “God, I’m directionally challenged and I’ll be running on jetlag by then. Please keep us find each other at Heathrow and keep us all safe.”


Now you’ve caught a glimpse at what goes on inside my head. I may be a writer and a speaker whose life appears glamorous and exciting on the outside. In reality, I’m a woman who desperately needs Jesus, His strength, and His wisdom. And your prayers.


Know you are loved,



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